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12257627697?profile=RESIZE_930xJorge Franganillo

The Lake District of Cumbria in northwest England, a 5½-hour drive from London and two from Liverpool and Manchester, is a mountainous region and national park renowned for its gorgeous scenery - centering around 19 eponymous lakes - as well as its literary associations with a group of 19th-century "Lake Poets" such as William Wordsworth (one of his most famous poems, "Daffodils," was inspired here), Beatrix Potter (of Peter Rabbit fame), and John Ruskin (a highly influential

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9008789078?profile=originalVillage Center, Vaqueros, Salta, Argentina

Located in the foothills of the Andes at 4000'above sea level, Vaqueros is a small country village at the northern edge of the city of Salta, Argentina. With a resident population of about 4000 persons, here you will see traditional Argentina Gauchos (cowboys) on horseback making their way around the hamlet, enjoy a small town atmosphere and great low prices in restaurants or local shops.

9008790052?profile=originalEnjoy Local Delicacies

Visitors can experience horseback riding on

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We have visited this diverse and wonderful collection of islands known as Venice numerous times, but felt we'd never really “seen” this fascinating city until we rented an apartment for one week for an independent, slow travel experience. As luck would have it, our “street” (left) turned out to be a main gondola route complete with music and serenading gondoliers.

Two Approaches to Visiting the “Floating City”

A visit measured in days

On our first visit to Venice we were day-trippers and staye

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Silent Waters Villa is a superb location for a family reunion, corporate retreat, destination wedding (seating 54 guests) or just a small group of friends seeking a most unusual holiday experience. Nestled in the hills of Jamaica, overlooking pristine forests and the spectacular turquoise waters of Montego Bay sits a truly remarkable private Jamaica resort property .... an enchanting heaven.

Silent Waters is one of the  most glamorous luxury rental villas in Jamaica.  This award-winning Jamaica

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Vacation rentals are popular because they are good value and can accommodate families in a home-away-from-home environment.

The drawback is that picking the right one can be tricky. When I travel, I spend days online looking at pictures and trying to make the right decision. I never know if I should believe the glowing description written by the home owner.

Since the purpose of  "La Jolla Travel Information" is to make sure that you enjoy your time in my hometown, I’ve starting personally checki

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Airbnb 101: Using Social Media's Hottest "Places to Stay" Site

By Angie Picardo

with Kaleel Sakakeeny

As Airbnb says, "Find a Place to Stay."
And with participants in 34,183 cities in 192 countries, it's small wonder that the site has become the "go to place" for places to stay. And what may make the popular short term rental site even more popular, is its clever inclusion of neighborhood guides for cities all around the world, just in case a traveler is unsure where to travel to.

Features like this,

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Today I headed south on Rt. 11. Through Kailua, past Captain Cook. We turned south on the South Point Rd. and drove the 12 miles to the end of land–”the southernmost point in the USA”. We watched and talked to the local fishermen, walked the cliffs and climbed the rocks out as far as we could go. Stunning, gorgeous. The one lane narrow rutted road, the rock walls across pastures, the cliffs, crashing waves and gray skies all bring England to mind–reminded me alot of Cornwall and Land’s End–not Q

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Homeaway Vs VRBO: Which Should You Chose? User Audio Review




Click here for the consumer, Audio Review of Homeaway vs VRBO

Both  and Vacation Rental by Owner(VRBO)  are widely used vacation rental sites for homeowners who want to rent their homes and make a few bucks. And for holiday or vacation-seekers, who'd rather rent a home in a preferred location, than spend money on a hotel room or inn.


But how do they compare?

We asked a consumer to work both sites on her computer and record h

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Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping in Rome

The historical and imperial Rome unfolds around the Roman Forum and the world’s largest amphitheater, theColosseum, where gladiators sacrificed their lives for the emperor’s favor and the bloodthirsty spectators delight. The archaeological interest of Rome lies buried in the catacombs along the Via Appia Antica and the abundant life is hidden behind the villa-facades of Villa Borghese.

But where the modern, jazzy Rome with bohemian bars is hidden? Read our guide to Rome‘s buzzing life.


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In Post-9/11 World, Many Experts Advocate Rental Apartments over Hotel Stays

In this post-9/11 world, many travelers are turning to rental apartments in lieu of hotel stays for safety reasons and many safety experts are advocating this method to remain inconspicuous when traveling abroad.

One example is frequent traveler Andrew Schrage, travel editor at Money, a personal finance website.

Schrage said that during a recent stay in Budapest, Hungary, in addition t
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The Apartment Service,, has just posted the Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report 2011-12. This is the 3rd report of its kind looking at the worldwide serviced apartment, extended stay and corporate housing industry. 


The report can be downloaded free of charge from our website: (


, or a hard copy can be ordered by sending a message to Bard Vos ( with full address det

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Vacation Rentals

This is first in our series of our Tripatini Blog posting,let start my telling more about us and what we do:


Faraway Vacation Rentals is an online marketplace that lists various styles and types of vacation rentals and holiday rental properties around the world.



 We offer the opportunities for owners and property managers to advertise their vacation rentals and vacation properties to local and international travelers alike.

Our site provides a unique medium for potential renters to interact with

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How to Rent a Villa in Tuscany

Tuscany, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, with its architectural and artistic heritage, boasts dozens of museums, most of them in Florence, medieval towns, and world-famous vineyards.

Nowhere else in Italy are the culture, the climate, the people, the cuisine and the wine, all so very Italian. But before all, settling in a holiday home for a week or twin into the rolling hills of rural Tuscan life may change how you travel for some time to come.


So, where to start:trans.gif

Decide where you want t

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Your own holiday villa with a swimming pool or a private vacation apartment by the beach can be one of the most relaxing holidays that you will ever have. Summer is already here and for those still planning their beach holiday, here is a list of the top 5 countries for holiday rentals this summer, amongst travelers.


1. Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for self catering holiday, for many reasons, but the predominantly good choice of budget airlines flying t

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The Grand Area of Albuquerque New Mexico



The Natural History Museum in New Mexico is a great place to take your children. You can find location, prices, display summaries, and much more at There is also a Children’s Museum/Science center called “Explora”. You can find them on the web at . If you are used to museums where “interactive” exhibits mean push a button and learning means to read a lot of signage, you will be pleasantly surprised by this center. It has few sign
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4 Easy Steps To Happy Return Renters


Making That “Home Away From Home” Experience For Your Renters

Sometimes, while renting a vacation home it is painfully obvious that you are staying in someone else’s place. You have to spend the fist day poking around finding where everything is kept, what works, what doesn’t, what appliances they have and don’t. Not to mention finding a place to buy the groceries for the week and things to do in the surrounding area for the time of your stay.

Part of running and owning a vacation rental is taking

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Travel agents luck out

A new and exciting program has been launched by Timeshare Hot List to ease the work load of travel agents! When travel agents become an affiliate with Timeshare Hot List they will receive a complementary travel voucher of their choice, which may be worth up to $2,500 in value!

Timeshare Hot List has put a tremendous amount of time and thought into its clients and would like to do the same for yours. When you refer a client the company pays a 10% referral fee to all travel agents once the transact

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24th September 2010: What an exciting day we have had our first Hawskbill Turtle laying her eggs at Anse Forbans beach. But unfortuntely this young turtle decided to lay her eggs in the wrong place.
We where concerned for the safety of the nest and contacted the Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles for advice.

The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles arrived and after a short discussion it was decided the best thing to do is to move the nest to a safe spot - it was decided that betwe
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Seychelles International Airport- A step back in history
The Seychelles International Airport officially opened on the 20th March 1972 with the official ceremony being carried out by her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. However, interesting to note well before this on the 17th June 1939 a flying boat called GUBA 11 has flown to the Seychelles under its own steam.

The Seychelles International Airport continued to grow and more aircraft's landed on the island of Mahe to discover the Seychelles. On the 4t
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by José Balido

With an assist from straightened economic times (from both the supply and demand side), vacation rentals -- aka holiday rentals, as our Commonwealth cousins put it -- have been booming even more than when I last talked 'em up on this blog a year ago. New agencies -- especially Internet-based -- proliferate even as we see pushback from some local governments, recently including Paris, Maui, and New York State, the last of which in July approved a law banning rentals of less than 3
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