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Top 6 Features of Luxury Hotels

Traveling is one of the most rejuvenating experiences that one can have. It helps to break the monotony of work and life. In today’s era, for most people, life has become a rush from one activity to another, one place to another, as people are trying to gather as much as possible. They are forgetting the values of life. But, traveling is a time when people can relax, ponder and reflect. After a pleasant travel, mostly people return home with a fresh thought and new outlook, they are full of zeal

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How the Wrong Words Kill Customer Loyalty. The Best Bon Mots

So, it begins with a desire to have a drink at an artful and attractive Band B, a drink in the garden as the sun sets.

There are no glasses, so I help myself to two. No ice. I find the refrigerator and help myself to ice.

The owner returns and glances quickly at the glasses and ice. The message is clear: I was not invited to help myself. I should have waited and asked for ice and glasses.

I ask her and she agrees she was “thrown.

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4 Easy Steps To Happy Return Renters


Making That “Home Away From Home” Experience For Your Renters

Sometimes, while renting a vacation home it is painfully obvious that you are staying in someone else’s place. You have to spend the fist day poking around finding where everything is kept, what works, what doesn’t, what appliances they have and don’t. Not to mention finding a place to buy the groceries for the week and things to do in the surrounding area for the time of your stay.

Part of running and owning a vacation rental is taking

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