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Silent Waters Villa is a superb location for a family reunion, corporate retreat, destination wedding (seating 54 guests) or just a small group of friends seeking a most unusual holiday experience. Nestled in the hills of Jamaica, overlooking pristine forests and the spectacular turquoise waters of Montego Bay sits a truly remarkable private Jamaica resort property .... an enchanting heaven.

Silent Waters is one of the  most glamorous luxury rental villas in Jamaica.  This award-winning Jamaica

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Finding Your First Vacation Rental


As the economy continues to lag many Americans are discovering the world of vacation rentals. Families in particular are finding that vacation rentals are a much cheaper way to enjoy first class accommodations at reasonable prices. Renters can visit exotic locations and expensive cities for half the cost and three times the space of a traditional hotel. However, despite the perks of vacation rentals, many people have yet to try them out. There are various reasons for this, but one common issue i

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Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping in Rome

The historical and imperial Rome unfolds around the Roman Forum and the world’s largest amphitheater, theColosseum, where gladiators sacrificed their lives for the emperor’s favor and the bloodthirsty spectators delight. The archaeological interest of Rome lies buried in the catacombs along the Via Appia Antica and the abundant life is hidden behind the villa-facades of Villa Borghese.

But where the modern, jazzy Rome with bohemian bars is hidden? Read our guide to Rome‘s buzzing life.


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How to Rent a Villa in Tuscany

Tuscany, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, with its architectural and artistic heritage, boasts dozens of museums, most of them in Florence, medieval towns, and world-famous vineyards.

Nowhere else in Italy are the culture, the climate, the people, the cuisine and the wine, all so very Italian. But before all, settling in a holiday home for a week or twin into the rolling hills of rural Tuscan life may change how you travel for some time to come.


So, where to start:trans.gif

Decide where you want t

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Your own holiday villa with a swimming pool or a private vacation apartment by the beach can be one of the most relaxing holidays that you will ever have. Summer is already here and for those still planning their beach holiday, here is a list of the top 5 countries for holiday rentals this summer, amongst travelers.


1. Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for self catering holiday, for many reasons, but the predominantly good choice of budget airlines flying t

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4 Easy Steps To Happy Return Renters


Making That “Home Away From Home” Experience For Your Renters

Sometimes, while renting a vacation home it is painfully obvious that you are staying in someone else’s place. You have to spend the fist day poking around finding where everything is kept, what works, what doesn’t, what appliances they have and don’t. Not to mention finding a place to buy the groceries for the week and things to do in the surrounding area for the time of your stay.

Part of running and owning a vacation rental is taking

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