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Turning the mundane,  frustrating  experience of booking a hotel online into a fun moment, is an act of legerdemain that only is probably able to pull off.

Take a look at their YouTube commercial to see what I mean. It’s wry, funny and self-deprecating.

It’s a spoof on hotel TV commercials that in and of itself, is a smart TV commercial for’s new U.S ad campaign: “Booking Epic.”

But we have come to expect these sorts of creative approaches from the company that’s the

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How the Wrong Words Kill Customer Loyalty. The Best Bon Mots

So, it begins with a desire to have a drink at an artful and attractive Band B, a drink in the garden as the sun sets.

There are no glasses, so I help myself to two. No ice. I find the refrigerator and help myself to ice.

The owner returns and glances quickly at the glasses and ice. The message is clear: I was not invited to help myself. I should have waited and asked for ice and glasses.

I ask her and she agrees she was “thrown.

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by Wendie Hansen with Kaleel Sakakeeny

Ralph Waldo Emerson had this to say about the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA, a suburb of Boston:

“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world.”

But what does the bridge in Concord,  the home of the American revolution for independence, have to do with revolutions in Tahrir Square, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and all places where the struggle for fre

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I noticed that most every time I  stray outside the narrow range of “Travel on Twitter” topics, I’m unfollowed.

When I question someone’s viewpoint, for example, or offer an alternative way of looking at a travel topic, I get into Twitter trouble.

Recently I raised a question about a traveler’s Tweet which expressed her love of horses and pate.. and how she loved to eat horsemeat pate.

What followed was an aggressive flurry of “mind your own business” comments from the Twitter universe, or “don’

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9008809299?profile=originalReport: E-mails Are 40% More Effective Than Twitter or Facebook, Combined

So, after all the excitement about Facebook and Twitter as communities and marketing panaceas, good, “old fashioned” e-mails prove to be 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

That is, if your goal is to acquire customers, and not just share the latest family news or travel experience.

Apparently, says Hotelmarketing,  the reason is simple: 91 percent of all US consumers still use e-mail daily. And “t

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Written by CheapOair9296580477?profile=original

Now that we’re halfway through October, this seems as good a
time as any to take stock of Travel Trends, and to see where the travel industry was around this time
last year. As always, this will help you get a good gauge of what’s going on,
as well as try to predict where you might land yourself a great travel deal.

September’s top 10 domestic travel destinations were: 

  1. DEN-Denver
  2. DFW-Dallas
    Fort Worth
  3. FLL-Ft
  4. JFK-New
    York Kennedy
  5. LAS-Las
  6. LAX-Los
  7. MCO-Orlando
  8. PHX
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