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When booking flights, most of us look to save as much money as we can. But if you're looking to book cheap air tickets, you need to understand the various factors that influence the cost of fares. 

Flight Distance

The logical rule of thumb is that the greater the distance, the higher the ticket prices. Thus we conclude airplane ticket prices are directly proportional to the distance covered. But though distance is an essential factor, it's not the only one - the relative popul

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6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort


Flying long haul (especially overnight) and worried about airplane seat comfort? After all, nobody wants to land at their destination feeling fatigued and uncomfrtable. But if you're traveling coach, low humidity along with narrow seats with minimal reclinability and legroom all add up to what can be a pretty unpleasant six to 18-plus hours.

Pick a Window Seat

You're far from alone if you find sleeping upright hard during a flight. You can certainly try a neck pillow or similar kind

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A honeymoon can be a divine occasion where two hearts unite to form one, an marvelous beginning to married life. Along with the ceremonies of the wedding, the youngsters weave dreams about their honeymoon. Celebrating honeymoon varies from person to person. In India, many newly married couples visit the many serene places in India akin to "gardens of Eden.." Even though there are many places in the northern parts of the country, most of the people flock to the southern states especially to Ker

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Are you that sort of couple who would prefer that ‘road not taken’ rather than following somebody else’s plans for your honeymoon trip? If yes, then try visiting some of those splendid travel destinations of Kerala that had been hidden from the outside world for quite some time. Moreover, the enchanting state of Kerala is already blessed with its breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you are heading to the beaches, hill stations or backwaters, you would be contented with the natural aesthetics of

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If marriages are made in heaven, honeymoons should be at any magical place like that of Kanthalloor. This is a small village near Marayoor in the Idukki district, where the verdant hills would be seen touching the clouds. Newlyweds could easily reach the beautiful destination by heading to the north-eastern side of the more popular Munnar, which is at a distance of 49 km. And once you arrive at Kanthalloor, you both are going to experience that absolute tranquillity at such a relaxing atmosphere

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The backwaters of Kerala never have to be introduced to the tourists visiting them from all across the globe. Of late, they had been even acclaimed internationally in various spheres. Moreover, these serene water bodies spreading over a vast expanse of the area in every aspect deserves to be listed and recognized globally. One of the most exciting things that make them a standout is the fully equipped large houseboats that sail across these placid lakes. These adorable houseboats are built on th

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Krabi is an important tourist attraction place in Thailand. It is known for its exotic islands, sea beaches, and seawater adventure sports. It is 770-km away from Bangkok. There is no need to carry your sporting and clothing language if you are landing in Krabi. You can buy them at a cheaper price. Once in Krabi, there is no need to worry about your shopping needs. There are many shops in the islands of Krabi and on the mainland. These are near to the tourist attraction places. There is no need

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Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular city break destinations. It may not get as many visitors as Paris, Barcelona or London but it still gets a huge amount. Once you get there, it is evident how popular Amsterdam is, especially on weekends. There is a clear contrast in popularity between mid-week and weekends there. Now, I realize that a high percentage of these cit
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Now that we’re halfway through October, this seems as good a
time as any to take stock of Travel Trends, and to see where the travel industry was around this time
last year. As always, this will help you get a good gauge of what’s going on,
as well as try to predict where you might land yourself a great travel deal.

September’s top 10 domestic travel destinations were: 

  1. DEN-Denver
  2. DFW-Dallas
    Fort Worth
  3. FLL-Ft
  4. JFK-New
    York Kennedy
  5. LAS-Las
  6. LAX-Los
  7. MCO-Orlando
  8. PHX
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Consumer Reports “Concerned” about Google-ITA Deal on Consumers

With its big stick and bigger voice, Consumer Reports (CR) announced in its blog that Google’s planned acquisition of ITA Software “ has the potential to limit consumer choice in the already complex market of online travel.”

Hotel Marketing .com reported that CR stepped into the fierce battle between Google and travel web sites over the search engine’s intent to buy ITA Software because it was genuinely concerned the de
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American Airlines Adds Yet Another Fee

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American Airlines Charges for Front Row Seats

American Airlines (AMR Corp.) already charges for checked bags, priority boarding, booking on the phone, unaccompanied minors, pets and other so-called amenities.

Now the airline, the country’s second largest after Delta, is charging between $19 and $35.00 (depending on the length of flight) for front row coach seats, those handful of rows known as bulkhead seats. These are not exit row seats; they’re the seats located after the wall or
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Not surprising that more and more travelers all over the world want to experience the ultimate comfort and reliability of traveling with smartphones. But using your smartphone overseas is very expensive due to tremendous data roaming charges. That's why today's travelers are looking for a cost effective solution. And provides its clients just with the thing they are looking for: the Unlimited Internet SIM Card from the First International Smartphone Travel Provider.

Now an iPhone

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