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According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), international tourist arrivals in 2017 reached a total of 1.322 million worldwide. However, with the increasing number of people traveling abroad, these travellers are getting more and more attention from various fraudsters, especially online.

One of the biggest online threats for travelers is free public WiFi. Hackers often position themselves as free WiFi hotspots and easily steal personal information, credit card details or other d

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Winter vacation season is coming soon, and still, many travelers keep getting their identities stolen due to careless use of public Wi-Fi. Free wireless networks are not able to offer security in most cases, since public Wi-Fi can be hacked into fairly easily. The solution to online safety while traveling is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which not only protects users on public Wi-Fi but also allows to access restricted sites and even save money while traveling.

Below please find

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Top Jobs That Will Keep You Traveling

If you're the kind of person that loves traveling and would like to get one of those jobs that keep you in an airplane, train, or car, think that there's much more to it than being a pilot or airline attendants. Nothing bad with these two jobs, but keep in mind that the options are broader! Although the frequent traveling sounds very glamorous, keep in mind that this demanding life style has it's downsides like keeping relationships, lack of sleep and a few others. In any case, here we give you

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The Traveler: The Ultimate Black Sheep




Bah bah black sheep. Whatever. I hail from New England. You work hard in high school to get into a good college. You work hard there to get the good job. Then your high school sweetheart wants a ring and a white picket fence. Done. Babies, mortgages, fixing your gutters, etc. etc. etc.


F that. So I disappeared to California for a 5 years. Why? I dunno. Why not? I left, I took the more difficult route. Now I'm back. Back to wander the world as the Walnuts. I travel. I experience. I encourage an

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Happy Airports Make More Money

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Happy Airports Make More Money

It’s basic economics: happy airport customers spend more money in the airport’s retail shops than do unhappy ones.

In fact, global marketing and information giant J.D. Power and Associates says happy passengers spend an average of $20.55 on airport retail purchases, or 45 percent more than the grumpy ones, who spend only $14.12 on airport retail shops and eateries.

But, the report says only a small percentage of passengers (9 percent) are "truly
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If you think that your life is lacking direction, can't seem to make decisions, or need a radical change, travelingcan have the answers. When I found this article and put it into perspective with my own life, I seriously though on all the opportunities I was missing by not taking the step of going out there. I also could identify myself on those new adventures that you try while traveling, things that wouldn't try otherwise. Here, 7 reasons why travel will help.

Time Out

Consider the time you're t

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9008637287?profile=originalWomen Biz Travelers to Hotels: Pay Attention to Us

It’s pretty official.

A  comprehensive White Paper produced by Cornell University School of Hotel Management,  reported that “women have become the fastest growing segment of business travelers in the United States.”

In data from 2010, women accounted for nearly half of all business travelers  in the United States, up a huge 43% from 2003.

But what they want from their travels, especially their hotel stays, is very different from what men want.

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Men and Women Travel Differently. Here's How

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Men and Women Travel Differently. Here’s How!

Men and women are different. Who dares argue the point?

So it’s no surprise that we now know they travel differently, seeking different travel experiences.

A USA Today article “Where the Boys are Not,” reports that 88% of women surveyed said they had plans for a no-men-allowed getaway.

And these are not Desperate Housewives either!

To accommodate women travelers, many hotels offer separate wings for women, and special amenities in women-o
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When Women Travel Alone

Too many movies and books give us too many images of women as helpless victims. That’s unhealthy.But the truth is that a majority of women say that security issues are their number one concern when traveling alone.And given the choice, 79% of women road warriors say that they prefer to travel with a companion.It seems though, that the joys of travel are so strong, these women would rather travel alone than not travel.To which we say, “Travel On!”But take care, because there are real challenges t
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Not surprising that more and more travelers all over the world want to experience the ultimate comfort and reliability of traveling with smartphones. But using your smartphone overseas is very expensive due to tremendous data roaming charges. That's why today's travelers are looking for a cost effective solution. And provides its clients just with the thing they are looking for: the Unlimited Internet SIM Card from the First International Smartphone Travel Provider.

Now an iPhone

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