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Or what every frequently-flying woman, and bride going on her honeymoon, needs to know about staying healthy and fit in the air.

If travel had a diva....someone who embodied the talent of looking great while facing the challenges, exhaustion, fun and frustration of Travel, it'd have to be Debbi Kickham.

Known to us in the travel world as Debbi Karpowicz, her most recent book The Globetrotters Get-Gorgeous Guide is pure Debbi: sassy, irreverent, helpful, fun to read and full of personality.


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by Heather Cassell

Published: Ocotber 3, 2011

Finding lesbians in New York City or London is somewhat easy, but it is a whole other story in distant lands, especially when women have very little if any rights at all - don't even mention the "L" word - but these are minor challenges to Gina Gatta and Tanya Churchmuch.


Damron owner Gina Gatta with business and life partner, Erika O'Conner, enjoying Iceland.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Damron

Gatta is president and editor-in-chief of Damron, the oldest

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9008657859?profile=originalLustrous adventure

The Best Women's Travel Writing 2010: True Stories from Around the World
Edited by Stephanie Elizondo Grist; Travelers' Tales, 352 pages; paperback, $17.95

Reviewed by Heather Cassell

Published: Ocotber 5, 2011


Get ready. Pack your bags. You are about to embark on 27 adventures that will take you all over the world, inspire your wanderlust, and journey into your own heart in the Best Women's Travel Writing, edited by award-winning writer Stephanie Elizondo Griest.

Succulent and ri

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The International Women's Day is coming soon. On this occasion, Indochina Sails - the most luxury cruise & safest in Halong Bay sending to all women over the world love and wishes your day is as unique and special as you are! 
Vietnam is a peaceful country and female travelers certainly do not face any particular safety issues. Yet, it should be noted that women in other countries, especially in the West, enjoy so many freedoms, some are just in dreams of Vietnamese girls. Indochina Sails would l
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Sometimes, no matter what your sexual preference, no matter how much you love your husband or brother or neighbour; you just want to get away from it all  on a girl's road trip.


So that is what my sister, me and 10 other like-minded women did this past summer. We signed up for a women’s tour through our travel agent (who also happens to be a woman working for Voyages Groupe Ideal  - owned and operated by 3 vibrant, dynamic women with over 40 years in the travel industry) and we headed out on a

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Fall Away With an All-Girl Getaway

by Heather Cassell

Published: Ocotber 3, 2011

Women are grabbing the last few hours of Indian summer before the holidays hit with three fun in the sun weekend getaways.

Bliss guests enjoy the pool. .
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Movement Productions.

This weekend marks the third annual Bliss Weekend in Palm Springs, Calif. Puerto Rico, usually known as the "Isle of Enchangement," will temporarily be transformed into the "Isle of Lesbos" twice this year, first with Valhalla (October 20 - 23) and a mont
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Protecting Women Travelers


For September 2011

Protecting the Female Traveler



Since the inception of modern tourism women have played a significant role in the development of the world's largest composite industry.  The tourism industry is proud of the fact that as one of the world's newest industries, women have played a profound role in tourism success. One only needs to attend almost any tourism or travel industry conference and to quickly note that women not only form a significant pro

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Let’s face it: women just like to do different things, talk about different subjects, shop and have fun. Without the boys around, the girls can let their hair down, not worry about how they look or how good they are at something – quite simply, they can relax. That is why a women-only trip is chicken soup for the soul.

Trips just for women are nothing new – there are many different companies offering “adventure” or just hiking or biking trips. However there was, until now, a gap in the market fo
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A Woman's Travel Necessity

With the cost of checked baggage being outrageous, a pashmina is a must to bring with you on a trip, even if you're going someplace hot. A pashmina has numerous uses, yet weigh almost nothing.

  • They look great just tied around your neck and shoulders, dressing up a very simple outfit.
  • Avoid those nasty blankets on the plane and cover up with your pashmina.
  • Impromptu picnic or beach blanket
  • Emergency towel
  • Roll it up for a neck pillow
  • Cover up a hotel window that doesn't have a curtain.
  • Smog or smoke mak
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Women's Top 10 Favorite Places in the World

Women tend to plan their vacations with retail therapy built in (true story!), but if you are wondering which could be your better half's favorite city in the world, then this list is for you as well. If planning to enjoy a little retail therapy on your vacation, or just need a reason to get out of the country, we've compiled the best cities in the world for your next shopping excursion. Now is the time to pay off some credit card debt, balance the bank account and head for a shopping stroll. Ju

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Men and Women Travel Differently. Here's How

From NMT Images
Men and Women Travel Differently. Here’s How!

Men and women are different. Who dares argue the point?

So it’s no surprise that we now know they travel differently, seeking different travel experiences.

A USA Today article “Where the Boys are Not,” reports that 88% of women surveyed said they had plans for a no-men-allowed getaway.

And these are not Desperate Housewives either!

To accommodate women travelers, many hotels offer separate wings for women, and special amenities in women-o
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