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If you are a keen traveller, you will easily recognize a five-star hotel from far away. "FIVE STAR" because of the rating from zero 0 to five (5). Which means excellence, and suitable to stay in. It might be quite hard for individuals who don't travel a lot to recognize a five-star hotel Muenchen Messe. So many hotels across the world today are luxurious with different standards. Technology has allowed more people, especially travellers, to conduct researches on the hotel industry. Hence they ar

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Top 8 Musts in Munich


is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg, with a population of 1.5 million with the Munich Metropolitan Region home to more than 6 million inhabitants.

It is considered the capital city of the southern region of Germany, and is the capital of the southern state of Bavaria in the German Federation.

It has a special flavor as it carries the mantle of being home to one of Germany’s iconic symbols the BMW car which is manufactured by Bavarian Motor Works, a car rental Mu

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