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Fertility Tourism: Selling Women’s Eggs for Bucks and Travel. How right is this?

“Female Eggs For Sale” may not be a sign you’ll see any time soon, but for all intents and purposes that’s what the global market for harvesting and selling women’s eggs is all about.

The in vitro fertilization market is a billion dollar industry that touches almost every country in the world. It touches the wealthy neighborhoods of London and reaches  into the Americas, Asia and the IVF capital of the world, Cypr

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9008657859?profile=originalLustrous adventure

The Best Women's Travel Writing 2010: True Stories from Around the World
Edited by Stephanie Elizondo Grist; Travelers' Tales, 352 pages; paperback, $17.95

Reviewed by Heather Cassell

Published: Ocotber 5, 2011


Get ready. Pack your bags. You are about to embark on 27 adventures that will take you all over the world, inspire your wanderlust, and journey into your own heart in the Best Women's Travel Writing, edited by award-winning writer Stephanie Elizondo Griest.

Succulent and ri

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When Women Travel Solo

9008700066?profile=originalMany women  want to travel alone, or with other women,  and not a guy... a fact most men find very difficult to accept.

And while we think there are too many movies and books that give us too many images of women as helpless victims, the truth is that a majority of women say that security issues are their number one concern when traveling alone. Or even with female companions.

But it seems that the joys of travel are so strong, these women would rather travel alone than not travel.

There are

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Fall Away With an All-Girl Getaway

by Heather Cassell

Published: Ocotber 3, 2011

Women are grabbing the last few hours of Indian summer before the holidays hit with three fun in the sun weekend getaways.

Bliss guests enjoy the pool. .
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Movement Productions.

This weekend marks the third annual Bliss Weekend in Palm Springs, Calif. Puerto Rico, usually known as the "Isle of Enchangement," will temporarily be transformed into the "Isle of Lesbos" twice this year, first with Valhalla (October 20 - 23) and a mont
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Protecting Women Travelers


For September 2011

Protecting the Female Traveler



Since the inception of modern tourism women have played a significant role in the development of the world's largest composite industry.  The tourism industry is proud of the fact that as one of the world's newest industries, women have played a profound role in tourism success. One only needs to attend almost any tourism or travel industry conference and to quickly note that women not only form a significant pro

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Let’s face it: women just like to do different things, talk about different subjects, shop and have fun. Without the boys around, the girls can let their hair down, not worry about how they look or how good they are at something – quite simply, they can relax. That is why a women-only trip is chicken soup for the soul.

Trips just for women are nothing new – there are many different companies offering “adventure” or just hiking or biking trips. However there was, until now, a gap in the market fo
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