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Planning a vacation is always an excellent opportunity to get to know a little more about the destination you are going to; besides, you can find great discounts on some services such as tours, car rentals, and lodging just for booking in advance.

The United States is a country with incredible destinations to know, and you can find breathtaking natural landscapes to large metropolises full of modernity and cultural richness. That is why during this short article I will tell you about the three

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Miami is full of culture and each culture has it’s own traditions, practices but most importantly food. As a native Miamian I thought I knew all there was to know about Miami when it came to good restaurants and where to eat what but recently I went on Miami Culinary Tours South Beach lunch tour to be taught a lesson.

Covering a variety of cuisines from Colombian, to Cuban, to Jewish, to Italian, to Venezuelan, to Peruvian the tour did a pretty great job of encompassing an entire city’s melting p

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2010 Memorial Day Weekend in Miami South Beach is coming soon. Urban Beach Week for Memorial Day in Miami South Beach is on May 27 - May 31, 2010. Hurry up and make your hotel reservations because majority of hotels are already book for this 2010 Memorial Day Weekend in Miami. Keep checking back at my website for the latest events and after parties at some of the best nightclubs for Memorial Day Weekend in South Miami Beach.
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