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Anatomy of a Twitter Suspension


Anatomy of a Twitter Suspension

So it begins innocently enough.

I Try to send a Tweet from an active, important  account I manage. The Tweet doesn’t send.

Error Message: “There was an error sending…please select the Social Network and try again.”

So  I try,  and try again.

Then it slowly dawns on me:  There’s more here than meets the eye.
I sign into the account, and there it is: “Your Account Has Been Suspended.”

Caution light flashes: The suspension occurred the day after I published a mildly critic

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Does Twitter Make You Paranoid?


Someone in my home feed on Twitter only posted the number of followers he/she gained. And the number of followers he/she lost. Every day

"Today I lost 5 Followers and gained 3."
"Today I lost 1 Follower and gained 0."
And so it went.

The steady drumbeat of the daily report fascinated me: I wanted to know why these followers came on board or jumped ship.
I wanted to know why they followed and unfollowed this rather humorous, clever person.

Then of course I started seriously to wonder the same ab

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Social media continues to be the hot topic, and while many peoplehave jumped on the bandwagon, there are still those looking to learn more, especially when it comesto utilizing these new tools to grow their business. This year, THETRADESHOW (Orlando Sept. 12-14)has lined up a full array of seminars, covering everything from YouTube marketing to the basics of blogging.

“The growth of social media and evolution of technology provides new opportunities for travel agenciesto connect with their custom
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The popularity of social networking sites and the proliferation of wireless hotspots around the world have created the perfect storm of communications technology: it really is possible to stay connected no matter where your travels take you. photo
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Traveling with a Smart Phone, Netbook, iPad or laptop allows you to plug into social media sites from your oceanfront cabana in Belize, a café in Perth, or hotel balcony in Bangkok. Before you’ve even returned from a vacation, friends and fa
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Luxury Travel Bows to Social Media

From NMT Images
Luxury Travel Bows to Social Media

In Cannes, France, members of the elite International Luxury Travel Market crowd (ILTM)
paid grudging respect to the power of the social media “crowd”.

The elite at the classy Riviera resort had to admit that the  power and wisdom of Face Book, Twitter, and “invite only” travel web sites was changing the face of luxury travel, for good.

Agence France Presse (AFP)  reported that Klara Glowczewska, editor of Conde Nast Traveler, a glossy, upscale trave
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From From Kaleel

Cruise Lines Sail the Social Media Seas

The captain of the Oasis of the Seas may have driven the 5,400 passenger cruise ship into Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades last fall, but it was Social Media channels that drove the Royal Caribbean's cruise ship, the world's largest, onto Google's most-searched list.

Travel trade publication Travel Weekly reported that as of a couple of weeks ago, 10 million unique visitors made their way to, and a whopping 200,000 people
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