Social media continues to be the hot topic, and while many peoplehave jumped on the bandwagon, there are still those looking to learn more, especially when it comesto utilizing these new tools to grow their business. This year, THETRADESHOW (Orlando Sept. 12-14)has lined up a full array of seminars, covering everything from YouTube marketing to the basics of blogging.

“The growth of social media and evolution of technology provides new opportunities for travel agenciesto connect with their customers in an online environment,” said Brian Houser, vice president,Customer Marketing for Sabre Travel Network. “Social media communities can have a strong influenceon travel decisions, so agencies looking to stay relevant and competitive should explore how they canleverage these new tools to attract new customers, drive greater customer loyalty and differentiatetheir brand. Travel agencies can learn more about how to create and maintain a strong social mediapresence at THETRADESHOW sessions and by stopping by the Sabre Travel Network booth andvisiting with our experts.”

Topics for training include:
Building Blocks for Facebook Fan Pages.
Presented by Chelle Yarbrough, CTC. This hands-on classwill provide attendees with the tools they need to turn Facebook into a powerful medium for attractingnew customers—even better than traditional Web sites. In this class attendees will learn how to: builda basic fan page; edit their profile photo; connect third-party applications such as Twitter, their blog orcalendars; and engage their visitors and fans to spread their message.(For maximum benefit, attendees should already be signed up for Facebook and bring their user nameand password to the class.)

Advanced Facebook Tips and Tricks.
Presented by Chelle Yarbrough, CTC. Facebook's built-inprofiling system provides a marketing edge that no other system offers. Because every user who signsup for Facebook must provide demographic information, marketers are able to zero in on their targetmarket and hit them with the right offer at the right time. In this session, attendees will be introducedto the world of FBML - Facebook MarkUp Language - which allows for the addition to a Facebook pageof completely customized pages and features such as YouTube videos, calendars and booking engines.Participants will learn how to: add YouTube videos and other media to the page; customize a welcomepage, bypassing "The Wall" and making your page stand out; and connect advanced applications suchas booking engines to your page.(For maximum benefit, attendees should already be signed up for Facebook and bring their user nameand password to the class.)

Turn Your Website into a Virtual Money Machine.
Presented by Tom Ogg. Interested in takingyour Web page to the next level? Learn how to build organic traffic, develop strong and uniquecontent, increase your standing on Google and close sales. Key discussion points include: ways toupdate your Web site; optimizing your Web site for search engines such as Google; quick and easycontent building; ten strategies to out-market the competition; turning “lookers” to “buyers;” andanalyzing your site’s performance and profitability.

The Power of YouTube and Video Marketing.
Presented by Adam Lapsevich. Video is one of themost powerful marketing tools. Travel agents who attend this seminar will leave knowing how to: setup their own YouTube channel; add video content to their YouTube channel and other areas of theirmarketing mix; and use video as an e-mail marketing tool.

Blogging 101 - How to Start a Blog and Use it for Your Business.
Presented by Bryan AlaspaThe phenomenon of blogging is still relatively new, however, it has pervaded nearly every part of theInternet and is here to stay. This session will provide attendees with the critical tools they need tocreate a blog that will work. Attendees will learn: why businesses should use a blog; what issues mustbe considered before writing that first sentence; how to select a topic as well as the right blogging format; write that first blog entry and build an audience. Alaspa will share success stories as well aspotential pitfalls and offer participants suggested next steps.

Blogging 201 - So, You’ve Started to Blog, Now What?
Presented by Bryan Alaspa. Targeted atthose who have entered the world of blogging, this advanced-level course teaches attendees how tofind and keep their audience; what the savvy blogger can do to keep content fresh; how to build anarchive and add pages to a blog site.

LinkedIn 101 - How to Create a Linked-In Profile.
Presented by Kate Koziol. When it comes tosocial media and its applications for business, the one word heard over again is LinkedIn. Those new tosocial and online networking will learn about LinkedIn and how it differs from other social media sites,as well as why joining is a smart move. Among the topics covered will be creating a LinkedIn profile,joining groups and participating in discussions.

LinkedIn 201 - Advanced Linked-In Techniques.
Presented by Kate Koziol. This seminar takes adeeper journey into the heart of LinkedIn and examines how the site can be used to further one’sbusiness and expand their network. Those looking to up their LinkedIn skills will learn to expand theirnetwork; choose what discussions to participate in or start their own discussion; find the right group tojoin or create one of their own; add applications to their profile and more.

To learn more: Visit THETRADESHOW and THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW. A variety of registration packages, ranging from $35 to the Best Value Package at $109 are available.For more information on these packages or to register, visit The Best ValuePackage includes registration to THETRADESHOW, as well as the VIP Perks Package, eLearningCenter access and RTLS registration. If you are unable to attend THETRADESHOW, but who would like to experience THETRADESHOW educational program through the eLearning Center without the livenetworking opportunities or Best Value Package, can purchase a virtual-only registration for $99.
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