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Sweet Summertime in Stockholm

12025781098?profile=RESIZE_930xBenoit Derrier

Even more than many destinations, Scandinavia blossoms in summer, its warm, lively days stretching into long, luminous evenings. And at the centre of its lovely archipelago, nowhere more so that Sweden's capital. A mix of traditional and modern, stately and avant garde, its streets and squares come alive as Stockholmers enthusiastically grasp with both hands their chance to enjoy the relatively brief Scandinavian summer - and take advantage of the long summer " white nights", when

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If you are done with day in Tagaytay it’s time to enjoy the nightlife in Tagaytay. Influence your nightlife to encounter delighted and head-slamming as you move to the beat of the music, relish the essence of good food and associate by checking out these spots.

Here’s the list of some bars and restaurants in Tagaytay so as to enjoy the nightlife in Tagaytay:

1. Enjoy the Live music at TAJ


2. Papa-Doms Bar and Restaurant

Papa-Doms Bar and Restaurant

3. Enjoy innovative Filipino dishes at The Wild Juan
The Wild Juan

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A city of lively ambience and constant movement of visitors, Hong Kong deserves to be perfect spot for leisure trip. From climbing skyscrapers to golden stretches of sand, this leaves nothing really to take it as attraction among tourists on the Asian continent. Here at this blog, it has been sure to believe that a trip is really essential to unlock its other hidden jewels you can experience by your own style. When it comes to consider it a photogenic site, it will not be unfair at all. It has s

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A Manhattan Night on the Town, 1930's Style


by our man about town Timothy Flapp

From the outside, it looked like any ordinary Second Avenue club.


Of course, the raves from The New York Times in the windows betokened otherwise...


And the tough guy out front looked, auspiciously, like he might be called Max.

So we went in.


Presto!  Instant coolness.  The space waslively, elegant, everyone chattering whichway, and filling up fast.  It was, it turned out, downtown’s hippest alternative supper-club: Pangea, at 178 Second Avenue.

Then this unrecon

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Nightlife in Bangkok

9296578278?profile=originalIt is truly said by someone that your trip to Bangkok is not complete without experience the nightlife in the city. After the busy life during the day, city comes alive again in the night. Bangkok nightlife offers the best experience for tourists as well as locals that they cannot afford to miss. This is the major reason why cheap Bangkok Flights are popular worldwide. Bangkok itself is home entertainment with countless karaoke bars, discos, GoGo bars and pubs. There are lots of live dance perfo

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Best Bars and Clubs in Dubai

9008772477?profile=originalDubai, one of the largest emirates in the UAE is home to some of the best bars in the Middle East. Spend your day while enjoying shopping in best of the malls and add a unique excitement to your evening in the city’s bars. Book cheap Flights to Dubai and visit the following bars:

360º Bar

The spectacular bar is located at luxurious Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The rooftop bar allows you to admire the scintillating view of Dubai skyline. The bar is considered as one of the best spots to enjoy top cla

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My First Unforgettable Pattaya Experience

Finally I got the first visa stamped on my passport. It was February when we (I and my spouse) were ready to take off from India. With uncountable emotions flooding our minds, we simply did not know how our Thailand (Pattaya) experience would turn out to be. The itinerary was provided to us, but the fear of traveling for the very first time to an international destination and that too to a popularly known city like Pattaya was not letting our thoughts shut down even for a second. 

The first in

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Do's and Dont's of Barcelona Nightlife

Do dress properly for the clubs: guys no soccer jerseys, open toed shoes, or tennis shoes.

Don’t get rejected at club OSHUM and try to find other ways in.  This includes one or more actions we did: climbing over a big fence around back, climbing a ladder to the roof and then into the attic, and eventually running into the club through the kitchen… despite what made a great story, we still didn’t last more than 10 minutes in the club

Do plan accordingly for your bills.  Barcelona can be expensive a
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World's Top "Party" Destinations



 Athens, Greece

Think Athens is an old, dusty, unmaintained,  just another dirty city. A  European capital with no reason to reason to spend an extensive stay,  unless you’re a history buff or  in transit to the Greek Islands, think again. Ask anyone in the world, who enjoys a vibrant nightlife, and I guarantee you that they will say, “Athens Rocks.”   Even in hard economic times, the Greeks know how to party.  Athens is on par with any other city on the planet and a  “party capital” full of en

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Pleasant and sociable, bars are great places to unwind in after a day’s work or a day of leisure. Paris is no exception to this trend, with chic or offbeat establishments that never fail to amaze. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has created a list of the most unusual bars in Paris.

In Part 3 of Unusual Bars in Paris, we explored the Large Venues for those inclined to claustrophobia or who favor going out as a group. Now, let's celebrate the end of our journey with some champagne - the es

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Orlando Dance Clubs for Party Animals

9008775264?profile=originalOrlando is all about fun and entertainment. The day is dedicated to theme parks and family entertainment. As the sun sets, party animals head to the wild discotheques to drinks and dance till wee hours. Following are some of the most prominent dance clubs to visit, if you are booking Orlando flights.


It is one of the best nightclubs in the downtown area. Located on Church Street, the club is known for playing hip hop and popular numbers of 80s. However, its main highlight is the reggae

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Goa Holidays and Nightlife

Partying at Beaches
Goa Beaches are quite different from those found in other parts of the country. The difference lies in the way people love to party at Goa beaches. Arjuna Beach and many others have night clubs, bars and other venues that are highly admired for the Goa nightlife entertainment. By choosing a Goa package tour, you will find yourself in the mood of partying all the time.

Goa Carnival and Festivals
If you choose one of the Goa carnivals tours, you can witness the real festive spirit

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Get in a cab and take a short taxi ride from Playa Del Carmen for a truly unique experience. Alux Restaurant & Lounge Noy is an underground bar, where you might need to go by a candlelight. Overcoming the stairsis half the battle and brings you to the hall, filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Alux (pronounced “ah-LOOsh») – a whole system of caves, which are now established into a restaurant, bar, VIP-lounge. People are thinking that those who will be ready to spend here a lot of time will

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The best beaches, the best activities, the best food, the best cities – you’ve researched it all. You know where you want to go and what you want to do in Croatia – plus, you’ve heard the hype about this hidden gem in the Adriatic. You’ve pictured your days lazing on a yacht or wandering around a quaint little town, but what about those long balmy nights?

Whether it’s pounding a few back on Pag, sipping mojitos in Hvar, or partying in Primosten, Croatia is also well-known for offering quite an it

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Minus 5 Ice Bar: Chillin' in Las Vegas

I know there are hardcore Vegas partiers out there who would snicker at the concept of an ice bar. I can hear them now: “It's a gimmick, why freeze when imbibing instead of kicking back at the poolside cabana?” or “I'm not going to pay a $25 cover for the privilege of sitting on a block of ice to toss back a vodka shot!” Before entering the Minus 5 Ice Bar at the Monte Carlo Hotel, I was even harboring some doubts....last winter was extra rough where I'm from in New England. Even now I'm nursing
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Unusual Bars in Paris: Large Venues

Pleasant and sociable, bars are great places to unwind in after a day’s work or a day of leisure. Paris is no exception to this trend, with chic or offbeat establishments that never fail to amaze. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has created a list of the most unusual bars in Paris.

OJgfWKL.jpgThe Crystal Lounge is one of the capital’s newest trendy venues. Installed on the premises of a former oriental cabaret, the place has been fully renovated and now boasts a modern design and atmosphere over 65
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Pleasant and sociable, bars are great places to unwind in after a day’s work or a day of leisure. Paris is no exception to this trend, with chic or offbeat establishments that never fail to amaze. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has created a list of the most unusual bars in Paris.

In a bar, the originality can be in the decoration, the musical environment with a good DJ at the turntables orquite simply in the atmosphere created by regular clients and newcomers. In Part 1 we discussed H
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9008601499?profile=originalFor those of you celebrating a joyous occasion whether a birthday, an anniversary or just a night out to chill with friends, there can be no better place than The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort & Spa in Bali. Built in 2009 and situated on natural rocks 14 meters above the Jimbaran Bay, it was truly a breath-taking view and the ultimate way to usher in my big 3-0 celebrations.


This innovative open-top bar is perched at the base of Ayana’s towering cliffs and is definitely Bali’s most glamorous sunset a

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Unusual Hotel Bars in Paris

Pleasant and sociable, bars are great places to unwind in after a day’s work or a day of leisure. Paris is no exception to this trend, with chic or offbeat establishments that never fail to amaze. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has created a list of the most unusual bars in Paris:

Hotel bars:

Such is the case at the Ice Kube the bar of the hotel of the same name, without doubt one of the most astonishing bars in Paris. The new decor of this bar in ice is a copy of one of the hotel’s gues
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Harlem Jazz and Blues Spots


9008594855?profile=originalI'm always on the look out for great hidden jazz haunts in New York City, particularly Harlem.  I've been keeping tabs on this scene and taking small and large groups of visitors on immersion tours there since 1997.  At that time, I started maintaining a new website at, where I attempt to list all the clubs, restaurants and theaters in the greater New York City area where jazz (and blues) is regularly found.


Since my bias in life has always been toward the underdog, I favor

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