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9008731888?profile=originalPreparing the first chapter of our new e-book, Golden State Eating, we did much first hand research. It's a tough job...I know...hitting bars from Sacramento to San Diego, searching for the perfect margarita, but someone's got to do it.

Along the way, we've had some pretty unspectacular versions. I swear, the one we had at a nationally famous rib joint had to have been poured from a bottle of pre-made Jose Cuervo Margarita bought at the local supermarket. Another one, a high-end restaurant overlo

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In 1999 Paolo and Allison Domeneghetti departed careers in the fine and culinary arts to focus on a unified passion of


bringing the best spirits to market using sustainable partnerships with producers and suppliers. Since then they haven't looked back adhering to their philosophy that culture, art and science are equally expressed through wine and spirits. The craft of production reveals just as much heritage as the way it may taste on the palate. Time honored traditions and just the right ingred

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Unusual Hotel Bars in Paris

Pleasant and sociable, bars are great places to unwind in after a day’s work or a day of leisure. Paris is no exception to this trend, with chic or offbeat establishments that never fail to amaze. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has created a list of the most unusual bars in Paris:

Hotel bars:

Such is the case at the Ice Kube the bar of the hotel of the same name, without doubt one of the most astonishing bars in Paris. The new decor of this bar in ice is a copy of one of the hotel’s gues
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The Ultimate Cold River Cocktail

Here in Maine, we know alcohol. Of course the best known Maine alcohol would be "Allen's Coffee Brandy". Someone, somewhere, probably having to do with ice-drinking fishing, decided that Allen's goes well with milk, and the drink went viral.  Young men refer to the drink as LPR (liquid panty remover); all I know is what I've seen--too many years of whole milk and Allen's makes for a mighty large woman. Thus, the other name for milk and Allens (fat-ass-in-a-glass).


We also know potatoes, and ever

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London Calling, With Turkey Day in a Glass

I rediscovered just last week how lousy with Yanks is Britain's capital; at a Chinese joint in Earl's Court (a nabe of particularly high infestation) called Dragon's Palace, I felt like getting up and shouting, "OK, is anyone here not from the States?" No matter -- especially post-Bush, the Brits seem to fancy us over there more than ever, and a few establishments like St. James' venerable Stafford Hotel, just a hop and a skip from Picadilly Circus -- have quite the history with Americans, dat
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