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Up until recently, when folks mentioned liquor from the Southern U.S., whiskey and moonshine immediately sprang to mind. Popularized through aggressive marketing and folklore, images of whiskies like ‘Ole Grand Dad and Jack Daniels are etched into a cultural milieu that also plays up images of pickup truck driving backwoods individualists. But of course reality is just a bit more complex and liquor production in what is commonly referred to as “the South”, an area roughly defined by the Mason D

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The Ultimate Cold River Cocktail

Here in Maine, we know alcohol. Of course the best known Maine alcohol would be "Allen's Coffee Brandy". Someone, somewhere, probably having to do with ice-drinking fishing, decided that Allen's goes well with milk, and the drink went viral.  Young men refer to the drink as LPR (liquid panty remover); all I know is what I've seen--too many years of whole milk and Allen's makes for a mighty large woman. Thus, the other name for milk and Allens (fat-ass-in-a-glass).


We also know potatoes, and ever

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Wine Trippin’ In Rockland, Maine

I am always on the lookout for unique up-and-coming wine regions that present an interesting story and a 2-7 day destination of food, wine, and fun. For heaven sakes, there must be a wine-life beyond Napa and Sonoma, and the Champagne region of France. Been there done that. So begins my search for fun, funky, deserving-of-press wine regions through the Wine Trippin’ series. First stop – the mid-coast wineries near Rockland, Maine.

Rockland can be a challenge to get to, but that makes it even more

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