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9008731888?profile=originalPreparing the first chapter of our new e-book, Golden State Eating, we did much first hand research. It's a tough job...I know...hitting bars from Sacramento to San Diego, searching for the perfect margarita, but someone's got to do it.

Along the way, we've had some pretty unspectacular versions. I swear, the one we had at a nationally famous rib joint had to have been poured from a bottle of pre-made Jose Cuervo Margarita bought at the local supermarket. Another one, a high-end restaurant overlo

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Last weekend, we found a unique something to celebrate my wife’s birthday - a tasting of the opening of the first aged dark rum barrel at Desert Diamond Distillery, a little run factory off of Route 66 near Kingman.
Of course, this was not an ordinary stand around the counter tasting, but an event catered in by a local Italian chef and limited seating - very limited! So if you think this is for you, wait until next year when they have another set of pristine, aged barrels. The drink, aged in fo
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Growing up and living in the cultural mecca of  San Francisco, and having a wife who makes palatable, refined wine as a hobby. I'm drawn to the travel destination that also produce a delectable spirit.

In early November I embarked on the one hour Easy Jet flight from London Gatwick to Edinburgh to make my first visit to Scotland, and finally live the dream of my first sojourn to the Whiskey Trail, and taste the amber "nectar of the gods," in its native land, the destination that had eluded me in

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