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Snorkeling in the Seychelles Islands

Mushroom Coral seen
Great Seychelles Snorkeling @ Chalets d' Anse Forbans

Chalets d' Anse Forbans is located just a step away from the beach of Anse Forbans which is located in a remote bay on the South East Coast of Mahé Island Seychelles. The beach and bay is known as a hawksbill turtle nesting beach but this Seychelles beach has a Exotic Underwater World to share as well.

Snorkeling is a must when on holiday with us at Chalets d' Anse Forbans.Anse Forbans beach offers the opportunity of
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If you have been to the Seychelles you will know Music is a love of the local people. It will be heard all over the market place in Victoria and on picnic sites all over the Seychelles Islands. You will see people dancing, smiling and just loving life.But where did the origins of the Seychelles Local Kreole Music and Dance come from?While to start the name given to the Seychelles Islands by the Arabs was Zarin Islands which many believe was influenced by the music of the islands.But if you can t
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Silhouette Cruises has announced it will recommence its expeditions to the Seychelles atoll of Aldabra in 2011. Aldabra is the world second largest coral atoll in the world and is virtually untouched by humans. The Atoll is a located in the Western Indian Ocean and is approximately 1150km south west of Victoria Mahé and 420km North of Madagascar.The Aldabra Atoll is one of 2 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Seychelles.

Aldabra Atoll Seychelles

Aldabra is home to the world's largest popula
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Surfing in the Seychelles

Surfing in Seychelles can really be an amazing experience for a surfer looking for a non crowded scene. The water is warm year round, but it is recommended that you bring a long sleeved rash guard... the sun is intense! Most of the breaks are over coral reefs, so reef booties can be useful.Seychelles has two seasons and these are wind seasons. The North-West Monsoon and the South-East Monsoon. The North-West Monsoon blows from Mid-October to Mid-May. The South-East Monsoon blows from End of May
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Seychelles International Airport- A step back in history
The Seychelles International Airport officially opened on the 20th March 1972 with the official ceremony being carried out by her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. However, interesting to note well before this on the 17th June 1939 a flying boat called GUBA 11 has flown to the Seychelles under its own steam.

The Seychelles International Airport continued to grow and more aircraft's landed on the island of Mahe to discover the Seychelles. On the 4t
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