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Golf Holiday in the Seychelles

Golfing in Seychelles

Are you an avid golfer and pride yourself in playing different golf courses around the world? Most would associate the Seychelles with tropical beaches and a haven for honeymooners, a playground for the rich and famous! Perhaps so, but visiting and exploring the Seychelles is affordable and yes it is a golfer’s paradise. They may not be blessed with quantity of courses but the quality and experience of playing here is a lasting memory.

Le Reef Golf Club (or Seychelles Golf Cl
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24th September 2010: What an exciting day we have had our first Hawskbill Turtle laying her eggs at Anse Forbans beach. But unfortuntely this young turtle decided to lay her eggs in the wrong place.
We where concerned for the safety of the nest and contacted the Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles for advice.

The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles arrived and after a short discussion it was decided the best thing to do is to move the nest to a safe spot - it was decided that betwe
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Seychelles International Airport- A step back in history
The Seychelles International Airport officially opened on the 20th March 1972 with the official ceremony being carried out by her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. However, interesting to note well before this on the 17th June 1939 a flying boat called GUBA 11 has flown to the Seychelles under its own steam.

The Seychelles International Airport continued to grow and more aircraft's landed on the island of Mahe to discover the Seychelles. On the 4t
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