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Exotic Travelling Destinations And Safety

When people plan their vacations, they concentrate mostly on those attractions that everybody wants to see. The fact remains that some areas have been over-visited that they do not invoke any special feelings again. But we still see people making placing them at the top of their list of areas to visit during their next vacation. Everybody wants to go and see the skyscrapers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Others are always jostling for the beaches of Miami, the Caribbean Islands, and some other well-kno

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9009032278?profile=originalSummertime in the popular beach town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica means it’s time to hang out on the beach soaking in the sun and playing in the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. It’s a great time to have fun with family and friends on a Costa Rica beach vacation.

On the southern Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa is one of the best beaches to surf in Costa Rica. National surf competitions are held here annually.


Knowing what you are doing when you go in the ocean, taking precautions and water safety are t

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Protecting Tourism 'Soft Targets'

With the onset of the summer travel season in much of the world June is a good time to ask ourselves how well we are protecting our tourism sites.  Airlines and other forms of transportation have the advantage that they received government security.  Most other forms of tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and major attractions such as theme parks receive little or no government security or protection.  In most cases, the tourism industry can depend on no one but itself.


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Del Mar Surfing Academy is one of the top surf schools in Costa Rica for teens (ages 13-19). Its sister company Del Mar Surf Camp runs surf vacations, yoga-surf retreats, and day surf lessons for adults. Del Mar Surfing Academy’s instructors lead safe surf and cultural/language immersion camps for teens in Costa Rica. They guarantee the highest quality surf lessons with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio for undivided attention and maximum safety. Native Costa Rican instructors all hold Internationa

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Tourism Security as a Marketing Tool

Tourism security professionals and managers often (and justly) complain that they are considered expendable due to the fact that the other parts of the tourism industry perceive them as adding nothing to the bottom line.  In fact often tourism officials believe that security is simply and added and required expense that must be accepted, be that expense a burden. This month's Tourism Tidbits focuses on the other side of the coin, and emphasizes that not only is tourism security not simply a nece

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Keeping Your Home Safe When You Travel

I travel a lot which means I'm away from home and it also means that I think about home safety and security.  I have a few things that I do but I'm always on the prowl for tips and useful information on keeping my home safe.  I live in a condominium and recently received a notice under my door that our building had two break ins.  Both break-ins occurred when the home owners were out of town.  This means that someone must have known they weren't home.  You couldn't get any closer to home than th

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FAA Downgrades Mexico’s Airline Safety Rating

The Associated Press announced Tuesday that Mexicana de Aviacion, known to millions of sun seeking, Mexico-bound travelers as “Mexicana” filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. and Mexico after pilots and flight attendants rejected a pay cut and layoffs.

Just days before, reports AOL Travel, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) downgraded Mexico’s aviation safety rating citing concerns that safety oversight was not up to interna
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Hurricanes pose danger to travelers

Whether travelling locally or abroad.  It is wise to best check the path of any severe weather.  While such storms can be an annoyance causing delays, flight cancellations, and trip deviations, they can be much worse.  I have travelled with some that  say that "It is nothing.", or "I've been through it before."  But it is always worse than they care to admit.  Others seek danger and look to stare the hurricane in its face-  tempting it, taunting it, daring it to harm them.


Visit this link for pi

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Top Ten Beach travel safety issues


Many people like the beach and enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Both can be hugely enjoyable provided that some sensible precautions are taken. Here are 10 safety issues to consider when visiting the beach:

1. Do not swim where there is a red flag flying. This means danger and there may be strong undercurrents that can overcome even the strongest swimmer. Never underestimate the power of the sea.12beach-grove-pool.3-300x224.jpg

2. Never let children out on inflatable boats that are not tethered by rope to the shore as the wind or

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FAA Creates New Regs Limiting Flying Time For Pilots

Even Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, admitted that it took the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) longer than it should have.

But now the 15 months spent crafting a plan to lessen pilots’ flying hours, thus reducing the dangers of pilot fatigue, are about to become a reality.

The rules, which were announced a couple of days ago, will make it mandatory for pilots to have 9 hours of rest between work days, instead of the cur
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How Safe Is Your Airline?

The question everyone is afraid to ask: So how safe is this airline?
For better or worse, there is no real answer.
The Virginia-based Flight Safety Foundation which prides itself on being independent and impartial, candidly admits that since there are so few U.S. airplane fatalities, there really is no recognized way to determine which airline is safer than another. The statistical sample is too small.

It’s possible to look up such intriguing data as fatal events by airlines, most recent crashes,
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