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Are you a small plane pilot, looking for a new place to visit for a get-away trip? Would you like to stroll the wooden sidewallks of a genuine Gold Rush town, and stay at a Historic Inn where the staff is incredibly friendly and the rooms and food are a delight? And maybe you'd love to not just fly over Yosemite National Park, but stop and see it at ground level.


Perhaps you haven't considered visiting Yosemite by private plane, because you didn't know that there was a way to get transportion to

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When James Hough’s pet puppy, Iagan, died on Delta flight #125 from Brussels to Atlanta in February, he was devastated.

But not paralyzed. He confronted Delta, which initially offered him $1,800 in compensation.

But Hough wanted answers, not money, so he persisted in trying to determine just how his dog died. He asked to see the original crate Iagan was carried in.

Instead, Delta sent a brand new crate, representing it as the original one.
Hough challenged Delta, which then withdrew
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How Safe Is Your Airline?

The question everyone is afraid to ask: So how safe is this airline?
For better or worse, there is no real answer.
The Virginia-based Flight Safety Foundation which prides itself on being independent and impartial, candidly admits that since there are so few U.S. airplane fatalities, there really is no recognized way to determine which airline is safer than another. The statistical sample is too small.

It’s possible to look up such intriguing data as fatal events by airlines, most recent crashes,
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