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The Guide to Avianca Airlines LifeMiles

Regardless of whether you have plans to fly Colombia's public carrier, you might need to be familiar with the Avianca LifeMiles mileage program. From 6,500-mile grant trips to joined to 60,000-mile business class grants to Europe, there are different ways of reclaiming Avianca LifeMiles.

Far and away superior, you don't have to fly Avianca to procure LifeMiles. All things considered, you can move focuses from 10 unique steadfastness programs — including AmEx, Citi, Capital One and Marriott — to e

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Chicago Travel Tips & effects to Know in 2023


From visiting Chicago for the first time to getting an original myself, there are tons of Chicago trip tips I wish I'd known sooner. For illustration, don't make the mistake of trying to visit all the lodestones in one day, and note that some major galleries are closed on Mondays.

With these and further original receptivity, I'll save you the hassle and make visiting Chicago a breath. It's the Windy City, after all !


Take some time to explore the splendid attractions of this place, and make your

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How to change an American Airlines flight

American Airlines has completely restructured its flight policy, eliminating all change fees for domestic and international flights (except for basic economy tickets).

Here's how to change American Airlines flights.

When you plan to visit here, book flights with American Airlines. If by any chance you wish to cancel your ticket, make sure to thoroughly read the American Airlines cancellation and refund policy. Also make sure to learn about the airline’s other guidelines to avoid unnecessary chaos.

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The Golden Temple has always been the most sought-after attractions in Amritsar. A trip to the holy shrine, Wagah border and Jallianwala Bagh is synonymous with an Amritsar holiday. But there is more to the Golden City than what meets the eye. Check out:


Gobindgarh Fort

Steeped in history, Gobindgarh Fort has a heritage of over 250 years. The stunning edifice is not the only thing that draws visitors. Live dance and martial art performances and insightful exhibitions are among the many things that

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Low Cost Flight Booking

Many countries have restricted travel to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. This has led to mass cancellations of flights around the globe to help combat its transmission. Though these canceled flights are not eligible for compensation, as an air passenger, you can still ask for a full refund of your tickets or book an alternative flight.
Friendztravel is here to help you out. FriendzTravel is doing lot of efforts to give you best services. For cancellation of Flight tickets, booking, chan

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Finding the Best Last Minute Flight Deals


All people have the itch to induce far away from the hustle and bustle of creating a living and simply exit and take a flight to some exotic destination. Annie Lennox could not have aforesaid it from now on clearly - I travel the planet and also the water, everyone is yearning for one thing. However, traveling is often pricy, particularly if you booking tickets at value. If you would like to avoid wasting cash, what you'll do is to search out the most effective discount airline tickets.

You can r

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Tricks and Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets


Who doesn't love frolicking around the world, discovering novel realms, roaming around the lovely cities, watching new people, eating delicious local foods, and trying something new, something adventurous? Traveling makes you feel fresh and give you an energetic view towards life. However, to fulfill your traveling desires, what you need is money and to make the full use of your money, you will need to bring down your flying trip expenses.

If you are a wanderer by heart and wish to see the world,

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Starting in December 2016, Costa Rica is the new hub for low-cost flights to explore other destinations in Latin America.

9008939656?profile=originalThe great thing about Costa Rica is its strategic location in Central America, so close to numerous other countries that also are fascinating to discover on vacation, like Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras’ Caribbean island of Roatan.

Starting in December 2016, regional airlines will offer low-cost flights between destinations in Latin America and Costa Rica,

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Extra Room in Economy: But Will It Last?

9008851459?profile=originalIf you've flown on any of American Airlines' 737s in the past year or two, you've seen bolted-in seat trays in rows 16 and 17 that prevent the middle seat from being occupied. The result: Seats A (window), C and D (aisle), and F offer extra elbow room and places for drinks and stashing small carry-ons. Me, I'm on a run, having recently taken four straight flights where I sat in the much-coveted Row 16.

Nice, but don't you find this somewhat strange?
After all, American Airlines' largesse would

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Will buying an airline ticket soon be as personalized as buying a suit from a sales person? Probably, as trends go.

It's no surprise that airlines want to personalize their relationships to their customers. If they can figure out how, it would be a huge step toward making the ticket-buying process a lot more individualized, and rewarding.

And why shouldn't it be?
After all, buy a book from Amazon or any savvy online retailer, and you're guided to other books you might like based on your readin

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Traveler Tips and Advice for Lost Luggage

With more than 20 million pieces of luggage going missing every year around the world there’s a possibility that this could happen to any one of us. Whilst there’s nothing that we can do to prevent it happening to us, if the worst should happen here is some advice on what you can do and what your rights are.

Did you know?
When any piece of checked-in luggage goes missing it is the responsibility of the airline you are travelling with. Therefore, when it becomes apparent that your luggage has gone

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Why Does Airline Food Taste So Awful?

From NMT Images
Why Does Airline Food Taste So Awful?

Is it actually the food the airlines serve (when they do) that tastes so bad, or is it the flying experience make the food taste so awful?

Wired Magazine reported that a handful of brave volunteers made “the ultimate sacrifice for science” and ate airline food. Voluntarily.

Apparently a lab was set up that perfectly simulated the intense dryness, stale air and ear-irritating low pressure of airline cabins.

Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines spearheaded
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Chasing The 30K Airline Ticket

From From Kaleel
The Thirty-Thousand Dollar Airline Ticket

It's a price sensitive world, where low cost airlines rule the roost and are increasingly the airlines of choice for many travelers, so it's refreshing to meet a contrarian like blogger Rob Cockerham.

He spends his time looking for the most expensive First/Business-Class tickets and luxury flights, and posting the results on his web site,, like the British Airways flight from New York to Sydney (RT) for an eye-popping $ 30,67
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From Blogger Pictures
You have to admire the gall.Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, told Aol Travel that passengers are too dependent on airplane toilets, and said passengers should control the urge to use the airborne lavatories.So he’s asked passengers to change the way they do their business, and use the toilets in the airport instead!O’Leary’s peevishness may stem from the fact that Boeing nixed the idea of eliminating all but one toilet on the plane, so the low-cost airline could add six more se
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Proposed DOT Rules Give Passengers Legal Rights At Last

With the tarmac meltdown this week of a Virgin Atlantic (a 4-hour delay with fainting passengers) flight still in the news, Travel Law attorney Mark Pestronk could barely contain his enthusiasm for the new proposed Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations: Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections. He calls them "the most important measure that the government has taken for airline passengers in the 72 years since it began
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Not surprising that more and more travelers all over the world want to experience the ultimate comfort and reliability of traveling with smartphones. But using your smartphone overseas is very expensive due to tremendous data roaming charges. That's why today's travelers are looking for a cost effective solution. And provides its clients just with the thing they are looking for: the Unlimited Internet SIM Card from the First International Smartphone Travel Provider.

Now an iPhone

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