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9296607298?profile=originalIt is believed that the Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica has the highest diversity of orchids in the world. Although no inventory has ever been made, it also is thought that approximately one-third of Costa Rica's flora has been recorded in the Monteverde region. This is quite significant given that Costa Rica is considered to be one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, having 5% of all the known species of plants and animals in only 0.03% of the Earth's surface.

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Why Does Airline Food Taste So Awful?

From NMT Images
Why Does Airline Food Taste So Awful?

Is it actually the food the airlines serve (when they do) that tastes so bad, or is it the flying experience make the food taste so awful?

Wired Magazine reported that a handful of brave volunteers made “the ultimate sacrifice for science” and ate airline food. Voluntarily.

Apparently a lab was set up that perfectly simulated the intense dryness, stale air and ear-irritating low pressure of airline cabins.

Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines spearheaded
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Limerick City on the Shannon River, Ireland



If you have not visited our Limerick City ,this is what you have been missing.Follow the link to our web site.

At Christmas we have our own ice skating rink in the City and gourmet street markets.An international airport within 30 minutes and a motorway from Shannon Airport to

Moscow,would you believe!At the cross roads of Europe<

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