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Experiencing Dublin on St. Patrick's Day


Every March 17th, the 5th-century Romano-British missionary who converted the Celts to Christianity, then became a bishop and eventually Irland´s patron saint is celebrated in more countries than any other national holiday, and of course it has special weight and significance here, where it´s a public holiday as well as a cultural and religious one. And if you happen to be visiting on this special day, you´re in for a treat, with various forms of festivities shamrocking the cit

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The islands of Ireland - A little Gem Blog

Little Gem Tours guide to exploring some of the best of Ireland's islands in 2021.

Everybody knows that Ireland is an island at the western tip of Europe and at the eastern tip of the wild Atlantic Ocean. What many don't know however is that Ireland is surrounded by approximately 80 smaller islands, each with their own unique name, identity and landscape.

Of the 80 islands, 20 are inhabited and it is these inhabited islands that can provide visitors to Ireland with a unique and fascinating experie
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Ireland's fourth largest city (pop. 80,000), located roughly midway along the country's Atlantic coast - and a nearly straight shot of a bit over two hours west of Dublin - boasts a history stretching back nearly a thousand years. But today it's best known for its lively, often boho social, cultural, and music scene (turbo-charged by its youthful university population, a good 20 percent of all Galwegians, as locals are known), as well as its many festivals and events - some 1

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