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6 Great Pet-Friendly Hotels in England


Have you dreamed of picking up a 9 seater car hire UK and going with your family and pets on a big road trip around the country? It would be a unique experience, but you are probably worried that not every hotel is ready to welcome your favorite dog or kitten.

However, don't despair! The British like to travel with their pets. Therefore, most hotels - from the simplest apartments in the capital, to elegant palaces with gardens located in the suburbs of London - welcome both four-legged guests a

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Pet Travel Resources to Plan a Fun Vacation


As traveling with pets has become increasingly common, the hospitality industry is warming up to furry guests. More and more hotels and restaurants are opening their doors to pooches. (NOTE: Delta has tightened policies and other airlines are prohibiting animals in the passenger cabin). In addition, several movers have entered the travel and tourism arena, specializing in pet shipping services. Pet tourism is a million-dollar market for pet parents who cannot imagine a trip without their four-l

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Travel Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest

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Airline Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest

Nothing gets the ire up of travelers more than when their beloved pets are subject to unfair treatment… and fees by the hospitality industry are considered callous indeed.
Which is why Robin Boggs, an Atlanta consultant, jams her pet Chihuahua in her carry on bag rather than pay the pet fee.

She’s been caught twice and fined $150.00, but that doesn’t deter her because she just thinks the pet fees are another airline grab at her purse.
She m
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Alaska Airlines Introduces New Perks for Pets

Alaska Airlines is one of our picks in 10 Best Airlines You've Never Flown. Now, the carrier is getting even better with the introduction of several new pet-friendly passenger perks.

Today Alaska announced a partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, a veterinary practice that has more than 800 hospitals across the U.S. Passengers traveling with pets on Alaska—either bringing them in the cabin or shipping them via the airline's PetStreak Animal Express service—will receive a free office visit, a tra

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Traveling With Pets: Fido, Your Bone and Room Are Ready

A huge 14 per cent of Americans travel with their pets, that’s 36 million households, so hotels and inns are creating pet-friendly rooms or floors to make traveling with Fido or Muffy easier, and safer.

Some Westins, a brand of Starwood, make it clear they want your pet to feel as welcomed as you are.

They offer pet toys, treats and even a turn-down treat on the pet’s bed.

Some Four Seasons hotels have been known to have a "Bring Fido" progra

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Dogs in Yosemite

Pets are one of our most precious possessions and often, our closest friends. Well trained dogs make great hiking companions but dogs are not allowed on the wilderness trails of Yosemite National Park.

Although dogs are allowed in the park and can be in designated campgrounds the National Parks are not exactly dog friendly, there are so many restrictions that dogs can't really be dogs.

If you want to hike with your dog visit the National Forests just outside Yosemite National Park. 9008596660?profile=originalThere are miles

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When James Hough’s pet puppy, Iagan, died on Delta flight #125 from Brussels to Atlanta in February, he was devastated.

But not paralyzed. He confronted Delta, which initially offered him $1,800 in compensation.

But Hough wanted answers, not money, so he persisted in trying to determine just how his dog died. He asked to see the original crate Iagan was carried in.

Instead, Delta sent a brand new crate, representing it as the original one.
Hough challenged Delta, which then withdrew
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