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Sled Dogs Killed Because of Slow Business

9008597881?profile=originalSled Dogs Killed Because of Slow Business

A shocking report by the Associated Press claims that 100 or more sled dogs in Canada were shot and had their throats slit because of a slowdown in tourism.

The British Columbia Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals reported that a company called Outdoor Adventures Whistler expected more dog-sledding business in a post-Olympics tourism activity, and when the anticipated boom never happened, the dogs were killed last April.

The grisly story came to light ac
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Puppy Deaths On Plane Are Unacceptable

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Puppy Deaths On Plane Are Unacceptable

The death of seven puppies this week on an American Airline flight from Tulsa to Chicago broke the hearts of pet owners everywhere, and once again raised the issue of pet owner and airline responsibilities.

Tripatini previously published a post of mine on the dangers of transporting pets, especially short-muzzle dogs like bulldogs, but the death of seven out of the 14 puppies being transported is a clarion call for action and policy changes.

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Traveling With Pets: Fido, Your Bone and Room Are Ready

A huge 14 per cent of Americans travel with their pets, that’s 36 million households, so hotels and inns are creating pet-friendly rooms or floors to make traveling with Fido or Muffy easier, and safer.

Some Westins, a brand of Starwood, make it clear they want your pet to feel as welcomed as you are.

They offer pet toys, treats and even a turn-down treat on the pet’s bed.

Some Four Seasons hotels have been known to have a "Bring Fido" progra

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