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Wanted: Someone to push heavy carts along a narrow aisle dispensing drinks, cookies and conversation, with a smile.

Applicant must be able to evacuate a plane, determine, behind closed curtains, what passengers are most likely to help in an emergency and wonder about the little girl flying alone, sitting next to that suspicious man.

The big question, considering the multiple roles an attendant has to fulfill, is whether fluffing pillows and handing out pretzels compromise the authority flight at

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The answer is, quite simply, yes. There’s a direct correlation between the type and number of coats of paint covering an aircraft and both its weight and aerodynamics — and therefore, of course, its fuel consumption. This, in turn, has an impact on the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Airplane-paint-1.png?width=250Iberia is one of the first airlines in the world to utilise a new system of paint application which allows savings of some 30 percent in materials — not to mention time, as it requires only a s

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Airline Maintenance Secrets Revealed


by Javier Pedreira

air travel is the safest form of transportation going is not mere happenstance but rather due to rigourous maintenance of equipment and exhaustive training of personnel.

Although in 2010 Iberia added a major maintenance hangar at Barcelona airport, since the 1970s the primary maintenance facilities have been headquartered adjacent to Barajas Airport in a suburban Madrid industrial zone called La Muñoza. This 220,000-square metre (54-acre) is where aircraft engines con

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The FAA gets it wrong again.

When Virgin Atlantic announced recently that passengers could make calls on their cell phones on VA’s Airbus A330 and Boeing 747 between London and New York, it was another wake up call to the Federal Aviation Administration to face reality.

Although cellphones can not be used during take off and landing, and the price per call is still steep (about a $1.60 per minute and twenty cents per text),  the point is, as we have reported, about 100 other airlines allow an

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Spirit Raises Carry-on Bag Fee to $100

For a hundred bucks, you can go to dinner at a decent restaurant, purchase a DVD box set, or—if you're flying Spirit—tote a bag onto a plane.

Effective November 6, fee-sucking Spirit will charge $100 for carry-on bags paid for at the gate. It's an increase of 122 percent over the current price of $45. If you reserve your carry-on privileges ahead of time online, it'll cost you $35 bucks as of November 6. (Current price is $30.) And if you pay for your carry-on bag at the airport counter, you'll b

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For the first time ever today I decided to give American Airlines a chance. I have never flown AA and have been OVERLY loyal to Delta. I have always flown Delta and their partners and have had status with Old Northwest Airlines and Delta for the last 6 years (Since I was 19) and fly on average of 75,000 miles+ a year. However a good friend of mind is AA Executive Platinum and ensured me I would enjoy AA if I flew business class and was Executive Platinum. So I took his word and booked myself a f

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Allegiant to Charge for Carry-on Bags

Has Spirit started a disturbing trend? Beginning April 4, Allegiant will impose a hefty fee for carry-on bags.

The carrier will charge $35 for the "privilege" of carting a suitcase on a plane and stuffing it into an overhead bin. But it's cheaper if you plan ahead. According to an Allegiant spokesperson, "If purchased online at time of reservation purchase, carry-on bags will be $10 to $30, route specific, though the majority of markets will be $15 or less."


The carry-on surcharge onl

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Alaska Airlines Introduces New Perks for Pets

Alaska Airlines is one of our picks in 10 Best Airlines You've Never Flown. Now, the carrier is getting even better with the introduction of several new pet-friendly passenger perks.

Today Alaska announced a partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, a veterinary practice that has more than 800 hospitals across the U.S. Passengers traveling with pets on Alaska—either bringing them in the cabin or shipping them via the airline's PetStreak Animal Express service—will receive a free office visit, a tra

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At some point in the future, you may be able to continue skimming your Kindle or playing Words with Friends when jetting off the runway, The New York Times reports. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may be reconsidering its policy on use of electronic devices during take-off and landing.

Laura J. Brown, deputy assistant administrator for public affairs for the FAA, told the Times, "With the advent of new and evolving electronic technology, and because the airlines have not conducted the t

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The new Delta Economy Comfort isn’t anything that great! Sure it’s a few more inches of leg room but other than that it is absolutely nothing to write home about. Other Airlines have had “plus” style seating for years. This includes Jet Blue, United, Virgin America, and a number of international airlines. Some airlines only have these plus seats in the bulkhead or exit rows, whereas other airlines like Jetblue and United reserve several rows in the first rows of economy for these “plus” seats. 

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Ever since Southwest acquired AirTran in 2010, the two airlines have been slowly meshing into one mega discount carrier. There have been some adjustments, including route-map alterations and the demise of AirTran's business class. Now in a squarely consumer-friendly move, AirTran will adopt Southwest's "Bags Fly Free" policy of allowing passengers to check up to two pieces of luggage at no cost. One of these days.

While no exact date has been announced, changes are definitely brewing in the bag-f

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From NMT Images

When James Hough’s pet puppy, Iagan, died on Delta flight #125 from Brussels to Atlanta in February, he was devastated.

But not paralyzed. He confronted Delta, which initially offered him $1,800 in compensation.

But Hough wanted answers, not money, so he persisted in trying to determine just how his dog died. He asked to see the original crate Iagan was carried in.

Instead, Delta sent a brand new crate, representing it as the original one.
Hough challenged Delta, which then withdrew
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