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For an industry in which everything seems to be getting smaller, at least one thing is bucking the trend: the overhead bin. The AP reports that major U.S. airlines are making overhead bins larger in order to accommodate bulkier luggage and an influx of carry-on bags.

United, American, US, and Delta are all jumping on the bigger-bin bandwagon. Some carriers are outfitting bins with tougher latches; others are replacing overhead-bin doors with ones that curve out, allowing for more space for passen

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How To Be A "Perfect Packer" And Avoid Airline Baggage Charges

Every time an airline adds a fee for a checked bag, visitors to jump. And so does the site's revenue.

With baggage and other fees layering costs to airline tickets, previously mundane questions like how to pack, what to pack, and how can I pack everything I need into one bag, become a mantra for cost-conscious travelers.

Every traveler wants to be a perfect packer, and 3,500 daily visitors to OneBag think they
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Spirit Raises Carry-on Bag Fee to $100

For a hundred bucks, you can go to dinner at a decent restaurant, purchase a DVD box set, or—if you're flying Spirit—tote a bag onto a plane.

Effective November 6, fee-sucking Spirit will charge $100 for carry-on bags paid for at the gate. It's an increase of 122 percent over the current price of $45. If you reserve your carry-on privileges ahead of time online, it'll cost you $35 bucks as of November 6. (Current price is $30.) And if you pay for your carry-on bag at the airport counter, you'll b

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For the first time ever today I decided to give American Airlines a chance. I have never flown AA and have been OVERLY loyal to Delta. I have always flown Delta and their partners and have had status with Old Northwest Airlines and Delta for the last 6 years (Since I was 19) and fly on average of 75,000 miles+ a year. However a good friend of mind is AA Executive Platinum and ensured me I would enjoy AA if I flew business class and was Executive Platinum. So I took his word and booked myself a f

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Allegiant to Charge for Carry-on Bags

Has Spirit started a disturbing trend? Beginning April 4, Allegiant will impose a hefty fee for carry-on bags.

The carrier will charge $35 for the "privilege" of carting a suitcase on a plane and stuffing it into an overhead bin. But it's cheaper if you plan ahead. According to an Allegiant spokesperson, "If purchased online at time of reservation purchase, carry-on bags will be $10 to $30, route specific, though the majority of markets will be $15 or less."


The carry-on surcharge onl

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The misdirected attempt to declare carry-on baggage "essential" so that it would be subject to the transportation excise tax won't affect airlines at all. It will on add a 7.5% tax on top of the baggage fees that is paid by passengers.Should Schumer and his cosponsors prevail (I doubt that they will), the cost of any carry-on bag will go up by 7.5 percent. The excise tax is a separate tax on top of other taxes and exclusively paid for by passengers, not the airlines.http://www.consumertraveler.c
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Are you tired of dragging your luggage through the airport? Frustrated that it tips over and won't turn when it's supposed to? Does it irk you when you have to stuff your carry-on in the overhead bin by pushing and shoving?

Well, if so, maybe it's time for a Nakation. Yep, you got it, a naked vacation. Just think, you'll never have to pack again! You won't have to worry about baggage charges or airport security - you'll be free in more ways than one!

The American Association of Nude Recreation (AA
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