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“Bed and breakfast is the name of sharing love and food.”

When it comes to vacation, then bed and breakfast is an ace. Irrespective of place and location towards where you are forwarding, bed and breakfast is the ultimate option that a traveller should opt for. Here, you will get an appealing ambiance coupled with all-inclusive amenities. In short, it is the complete vacation package that will give you an approach to make beautiful memories.

If you are about to plan a vacation in the UK, then bed

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Buenos Aires Gay Bed & Breakfast Palermo Uno

9008833684?profile=original9008834456?profile=original9008834069?profile=original9008836058?profile=original9008836090?profile=originalModestly Priced Gay Accommodation, Buenos Aires Style With Latin Flair

By Roy Heale

For members of the LGBT community who are planning to experience adventures in Buenos Aires tourism and would prefer to stay at a gay bed and breakfast, Buenos Aires now offers an exclusive gay venue in trendy Palermo.

Located in the heart of Palermo Soho, this exclusively gay Palermo Uno Bed & Breakfast offers guests an urban resort experience. Owned and operated by an Argentine travel guide and journalist this is

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The B&B industry is out to bust some myths, and are taking advantage of the election-year thinking to do it. With a totally tongue-in-cheek approach, it’s poking fun at the very symbol that has haunted them for years: the doily.

According to research conducted by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International(PAII) in conjunction with TripAdvisor, only about 12-percent of travelers on average choose to stay in B&Bs.
Anyone who has never tried a B&B tends to think that  B&Bs are the sa

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Custom Artisan Cereal: me & goji


Custom Artisan Cereal with reddish goji fruit

Cereal makes a terrific breakfast especially when it contains a tasty combination of grains, nuts and fruit. For foodies or those going organic, I found a custom artisanal cereal company with a fantastic product line-up: me and goji. 

What's goji?  A Tibetan superfruit from the Himalayas  that's packed with dizzying amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals; a fruit with a mild, tangy taste that is slightly sweet and sour.

Adam and Alexander, the ow
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Are you a small plane pilot, looking for a new place to visit for a get-away trip? Would you like to stroll the wooden sidewallks of a genuine Gold Rush town, and stay at a Historic Inn where the staff is incredibly friendly and the rooms and food are a delight? And maybe you'd love to not just fly over Yosemite National Park, but stop and see it at ground level.


Perhaps you haven't considered visiting Yosemite by private plane, because you didn't know that there was a way to get transportion to

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