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5 best things to do in Bangkok

If you are planning your customized holiday to Thailand, Bangkok is surely a must-visit. It’s buzzing, humid and exotic. It’s where magnificent temples, historic markets, skyscrapers and rooftop bars create an intoxicating vibe that’s hard to resist. 

And that’s not all about this city. With a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern, every corner of Bangkok can surprise and captivate any foreign tourist passing by to stay here as long as possible. 

But within a limited budget of time to re

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9 Easy Steps to Plan A Vietnam Trip

Vietnam Customized Holidays

Halong Bay

Vietnam is becoming more popular worldwide as one of the best destinations to explore in Southeast Asia. Traveling to Vietnam as individual, couple, family or with friend are all fine as the country can offer many spectacular sights and numerous things to do and see that match any kind of expectation. A good preparation is a key to have a safe, pleasant and unforgettable trip to this amazing country though it will take lots of your time. You may need to prepare for your Vietnam tour b

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Your BFF in England


Customized travel, also known as “bespoke travel,” is my preferred way to travel and I love England, so you can imagine how excited I was to meet Glynn Burrows.

Here’s the pick-up line that won my heart:

I love to travel, and when I travel, I don't want to be like an animal on a cattle-float. I want to go where I want to go to and see what I want to see. I want to experience local life and go down country lanes. I want to wander around little villages and look in tiny churches. I also want to g

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Custom Artisan Cereal: me & goji


Custom Artisan Cereal with reddish goji fruit

Cereal makes a terrific breakfast especially when it contains a tasty combination of grains, nuts and fruit. For foodies or those going organic, I found a custom artisanal cereal company with a fantastic product line-up: me and goji. 

What's goji?  A Tibetan superfruit from the Himalayas  that's packed with dizzying amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals; a fruit with a mild, tangy taste that is slightly sweet and sour.

Adam and Alexander, the ow
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