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A place that can simply entice you

Well, when it comes about the outing so without any asking we all are a lover of outing and food. No matter how busy we are and how tough our routine is, in between our busy schedule, and hectic routines what we all want to go somewhere which is free from city chaos, traffic noises, and the crowd. But the thing is finding a place where you can spend hours without any city life buzzing is quite hard but not a big deal if you have a place like Rooftop bar Pattaya.

If you are in Thailand and looking

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Tips on getting ready for nightlife in Barcelona

Our time is short on this mortal coil, and it is filled with many things to do before we die. Bar tour Barcelona is one of such important things to experience.

The bar or club is generally, a happy place. Whether you are there to pass a quiet hour with a friend or to have some alone time, most people associate positive things with the place where alcohol is served, and new friendships are made. Understanding the environment around you and staying level headed is also key. Although most of us beli

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London’s food scene is reimagining itself, owing to the continental drift and the evolving tastebuds of its population. From exquisite connoisseur joints offering global cuisine to sinfully delicious street-food escapades, haute new trends are giving this food capital a culinary makeover. The dining capital of Europe is enjoying its umpteenth revival with these restaurant trends in 2015:

Late-night Eating and Drinking

Much like New York, London has now evolved into a 24-hour city. This is a trend

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Coffee, Cake and Kink

Part-café, part-shop, part-gallery, Coffee, Cake and Kink is a melting pot of owner Alan Cassidy’s three favourite things. The welcoming two-tiered space is where erotic art lovers come to leaf through kinky books and peruse the latest fetishist exhibitions while supping on Fairtrade coffee and eating handmade cake. Cassidy’s open-minded approach to sexuality is demonstrated by the seminars hosted here on subjects such as spanking, swinging and erotic photography. A ‘bring a bottle’ policy appli

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by Samuel Cook


This past week, I took the opportunity to take my first real vacation since the summer of 2007. It is ironic that an executive of a travel company never gets to travel himself, but such is the reality of running a business - I have had to put my passion for traveling on the back burner as I have built a business around serving the needs of other travelers. My last vacation was a whirlwind trip around the United States to visit friends and family before I deployed on my secon
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