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Best Hong Kong Cafés and Relaxation Spots

Being in Hong Kong can be overwhelming. In a city boasting over seven million people, there are is so much to do here. The city boasts of rich culture, interesting sites and a whole lot of intriguing things. One thing that you cannot miss is the food. In such a huge city, you can expect countless coffee shops, restaurants, and street food joints. But due to its populous nature, most of these places are always crowded and noisy.

Finding a quiet spot for coffee or relaxation in Hong Kong can be a

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Top Coffee Destinations in the Americas


Java hounds sniffing after both a copacetic cuppa and the chance to experience key aspects of history, culture, and ecology relating to coffee in several Latin American countries have the opportunity to have it all in a number of regions which have facilities that receive visitors, from small organic farms all the way up to major industrial operations.

Though coffee isn’t native to this country’s, it’s now the world’s largest grower, with production today widespread in areas of São P

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The Only Organic Coffee Tour in Costa Rica

El Toledo Organic Coffee Tour & Farm in Atenas, Costa Rica shows you all about coffee from bean to cup.

Christmastime is the peak of coffee picking season in Costa Rica. All over the green mountains of Atenas, in Costa Rica's Central Valley, you can find workers (mostly Nicaraguan) carrying their plastic baskets filled with red coffee berries to collecting trucks. The sweet-sour smell of coffee beans being washed and processed is prevalent at the beneficios de café, or coffee processing plants

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How to Make the Classic Irish Coffee

399px-Irish_coffee_glass.jpg?width=374Irish coffee – that delicious hot drink combining coffee, good whiskey and cream – has become such a classic nowadays, that it hardly raises an eyebrow anymore. In fact, one might say that it has fallen out of fashion even. But once you try it, especially on a wet and cold evening, you will quickly become a fan! Why am I mentioning it here now? Because it was invented here in Foynes, at the airport, now the Flying Boat Museum. Legend has it that in 1942, a flight had set off for the United State

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When the coffee mill is roasting in my little town in Costa Rica, you can smell the aroma throughout our hills and valleys. The sweet, pungent fragrance entices you to a steaming cup or two in the morning, and following tradition, another at 3 p.m. When I first moved to this small Central American land, I was puzzled by how it seemed the entire country stops at 3 pm for its cafecito”. After nearly 11 years of living here, I find the local custom lovely, and follow it quite strictly rain or shin

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What would life be without coffee? Well, I assume it would be quite awful.

I love everything about coffee. When I open the vacuum packed canister that keeps my Sumatra free trade organic beans safe, I breathe in the heavenly, crisp scent and from that moment my Daily Buzz begins and I am blessed.
Coffee doesn’t just stimulate my brain (which is already rather overstimulated on most days) it awakes all of my senses. I usually start my day with a strong cup of black and by lunch I find myself indulg
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Starbucks. It seems every civilized place on the planet has at least one.

On any continent they are all exactly alike. The only difference is the décor on the mugs. I consider them collectibles. I have no more room on the shelves in my kitchen for them, but I still buy one wherever I go. In fact, I am a bit annoyed if the city I am in (Nairobi, Kathmandu) does not have a Starbucks.

Before I travel, I Google the location of the Starbucks in the destination city. Not only do I want to add to my coll

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Coffee, Cake and Kink

Part-café, part-shop, part-gallery, Coffee, Cake and Kink is a melting pot of owner Alan Cassidy’s three favourite things. The welcoming two-tiered space is where erotic art lovers come to leaf through kinky books and peruse the latest fetishist exhibitions while supping on Fairtrade coffee and eating handmade cake. Cassidy’s open-minded approach to sexuality is demonstrated by the seminars hosted here on subjects such as spanking, swinging and erotic photography. A ‘bring a bottle’ policy appli

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Coffee Types: A Deeper Understanding


Ever wonder why your neighbors aren’t just growing their own coffee beans in the backyard garden? That’s because the world’s best coffee, the kind you get at your favorite coffee shop needs just the right climate.

The mountains of southern Colombia to the Kona Coast, from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the foothills of Mt. Kenya, are ideal. A coffee’s flavor depends on where it comes from as much as how long it is roasted. Origin influences the look, smell, and taste of coffee while roasti

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