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USA's Top 5 Adventure Destinations for 2015

9008920294?profile=original Whether you had a good year last year or not, it’s important to kick off any new year’s resolutions for 2015 on a positive note. A great challenge to set yourself for 2015 would be to travel and explore more, with the offerings that the USA have on hand there will be no shortages of adventures to experience!

1. The American Prairie Reserve

• Known as "America’s Serengeti," this reserve in northeastern Montana is a must for all adventure seekers. 

• The reserve is buying back private land as

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Living the life you dream of means some day you have to wake up. For a year I'd traveled the world, sipped vintage Champagne, ate at swanky restaurants and bedded down in suites at five-star hotels. Without opening my purse -- well, maybe twice I opened my purse -- I still paid. Journalism was my game.
          The last night of my last press trip was a Patagonian cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, navigating Tierra del Fuego's icy jigsaw puzzle of glaciers and barren islands. The route woul

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We would be tempted to say that the best time to travel to Iceland would be in June, July and August but there  is  no best time actually.  Everything depends on what you are looking for.  Iceland in summer time and Iceland in winter time is two different countries.

In the summer time you have the day light 24h/24h,  that is magic.  You can cross the country from south to north or vise versa by the highlands.  You will see  incredible colors in the highlands -   you can rent a car and then visit

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Iceland: Life on the Brink


Iceland: Life on the Brink

Icelanders live on the edge.

In 1783 the Laki Volcano  in this glacier-covered country erupted in a violent and prolonged paroxysm, killing a fifth of the country's population.

For 10 months 30 billion tons of lava and sulfuric acid belched forth, creating a noxious haze that killed crops and livestock in Europe as it wound its deadly way west.

Some experts say it was this eruption that led to crop failures in distant France, setting the stage for the French Revolution

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