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9008767498?profile=originalby Hardie Karges and Kaleel Sakakeeny

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Twenty years after the fall of communism, tourism is finally on the rise in Eastern Europe, and for those in the know, it’s the number one tourist destination in the world—cheap, beautiful, and friendly.  So why is it so hard to find a budget hotel in a region where incomes are still only half that of the West?  

Mostly, people are looking in the wrong places. 

The government-related agencies are now deeply i

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9008765691?profile=originalFirst you have to realize that Puerto Lobos is not your typical Mexican coastal beach town, with palapas and cabanas, mar y sol, margaritas, mojitos and chicas in bikinis.  Oh sure, there’s a beach… miles of it, in fact.  And there are plenty of structures there, too.  Some people actually live there; others visit on holidays from the big city.  And there are even a few chicas playing there, also, most of them under six years old.  After that age they hav

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Friends hostel on Bankovksy in St.Petersburg

Friends on Bankovsky

St Petersburg, Bankovsky pereulok, 3


The Friends group’s first Petersburg hostel. On each floor there are shower cabins with a constant supply of hot water as well as shared toilets and sinks, all of which are kept clean by our attentive staff of cleaners. For the safety of our guests the building enjoys 24-hour video surveillance. The rooms sleep up from 2 to 6 people.


Each room has a wardrobe, a fold-down table, folding chairs, a mirror, a TV set, a rug, bunk beds (or  single

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Friends hostel on Griboedova in St.Petersburg

Friends on Griboedova Hostel in St.Petersburg

Opened in April 2011, the Friends on Griboyedov Hostel offers 39 rooms for 200 guests. The hotel is in a peaceful courtyard on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal, a minute walk to Nevsky Prospekt with its crowds, cafes and shops. Some rooms boat superb canal & Kazan Cathedral views.


Range of comfortable private and dorm rooms, clean bed linens, free wireless as well as computers for guest use, free national and international phone calls, washing ma

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Named after the famous TV show, the hostel chain “Friends” offers budget & cool accommodation in the center of St.Petersburg. All four locations are great: Friends on Griboedova, Friends on Bankovsky, Friends on Nevsky, Friends on Vosstania.


Almost all the major sights of St Petersburg are located within easy walking distance of the hostels. Range of comfortable private and dorm rooms, clean bed linens...9008752861?profile=original

Free wireless as well as computers for guest use, free national and international phone calls

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Friends hostel on Vosstania in St.Petersburg

Friends on Vosstaniya


St Petersburg, Vosstaniya street, 11


tel.: +7 812 331 7799 (daily, 09:00-21:00)
skype: friends-booking

Contacts of the hostel:

191014, St Petersburg, Vosstaniya street, 11
tel.: +7 812 401 6155
fax: +7 812 401 6154
skype: friends_v11

Our newest and biggest property, Friends on Vosstaniya opened in late 2012, and like all our hotels, it’s located right in the middle of St Petersburg and just moments from Nevsky

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9008763671?profile=original        I stop. “Wha’dya’ got?  Is it good?”

        “Is it good?  Hell, yes, it’s good.  D’you think I’m gonna’ get you some Mexican carnicero to snake the drain that’s gotta’ process all those hamburguesas, man?  It’s the real thing, hombre…

        “Cuanto cuesta?”

        “Are you a gringo?

        “Claro que no, soy chilango, nada mas vivo al otro lado para ganarme plata.”

        “Entonces, I can get you a special price, only seiscientos dolares, mas o menos.  You got any complications?


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Hostel Boom Follows Social Media Model


by Hardie Karges and Kaleel Sakakeeny

Travelers probably already know that hostels can save  a bunch of bucks in super-expensive Europe.  But they can save a lot of money in Asia, too.  Or Mexico, And  some now rival boutique hotels for style and atmosphere.  They aren’t just for youth anymore, either.  They are not your parents' hostels!
Though still in their infancy in the US, hostels in fact are the hottest thing happening in budget travel and lodging.

These hostels are not the same as the t

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We here in Quito and trying to keep in touch with all those people that we have met at The Secret Garden Hostel, Finn McCool's and Uncle Ho's in the Mariscal, and Lead-Adventures, Hostel Tiana, and The Surf Shak.. Working with those travelling around South America is great but it gets to be a drag when you don't here from people after they leave. So we are trying this as a test to see if people respond to it and if we get enough of a response from all the adventurous travellers in South America
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I am referring to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. While barely within the single digit latitudes,(9.80 degrees north) made famous by Jimmy Buffet, Bocas is also an easy destination to reach. Bocas is on the Caribbean side of Panama, as far west as you can go without getting to Costa Rica. That is right, west. Panama runs east-west, not north-south.

Transportation to Bocas is by air, or water. It is after all an archipelago of Islands. The town referred to as Bocas is on Isla Colon, but many people move

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