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8 Bucket-List Road Trips

We have read hundreds of road trip itineraries, motorcycle diaries, car trips and what not. It is still unbelievable why these road trips are lifting our hearts up. Be it the views, the thrill hidden, the bends and ascends, the food cafes, historical buildings, farms and landscapes, everything on a road trip creates pleasure and most of the time, bliss. Find some of the most exemplary road trips around the world one should have on his bucket list.



Iceland’s Ring Road

On a road trip through the

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Necessary Supplies For A Road Trip


Road trips can be a lot of fun and a great way to travel with flexibility and convenience. But they can also quickly turn into a never-ending string of "are we there yet" enquires. When planning your road trip, there's a number of things you should include in your packing list in order to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Mix CD- Most essential item on any self-respecting road trip. You want a mix CD with up-beat songs, which you can sing along to. You can never go wrong with the classics. This wi

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Tips For Driving In Ireland

9008711679?profile=originalFor travellers bound for the Emerald Isle, picking up a car hire in Ireland can be a great way to explore, particularly if you wish to go out into the countryside and not be confined to a single location. Now, driving in Ireland can seem like a no brainer. After all, how different can it possibly be from driving in the UK? The main language spoken is the same, people drive on the same side of the road (the left!), and there's no reason to suppose that driving in Ireland would be any more difficu

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Mix Tape: Songs For A Road Trip

Road trips the perfect travel format as far as I'm concerned. They give you flexibility and a glorious sense of independence and freedom. Whether you're driving across America like someone out of a Kerouac novel or touring Europe, driving is the way to go. But no road trip is ever complete without a matching soundtrack. A mix CD is the heart and soul of any half decent road trip. Here are some songs that need to be in any mix cd.


1. 500 Miles, The Proclaimers - The ultimate road trip song. It's

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Travel as we know it has changed in the last few years. We now get our trip recommendations from travel social networks, and upload our holiday snapshots in real-time. When renting a car to drive in the U.S., there are plenty of apps designed to help you make the best of your trip. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section!

9008708654?profile=originalGas Buddy: This community-based free app promises to find the cheapeast and closest gas stations. Gas Buddy rewards users who report gas prices and gets great re

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Parking In Lisbon: A Survival Guide


If you have ever driven to any main European city, you should be well aware of all the dangers facing the unaware driver. Not the least of which that you often can't find parking without pulling a Faustus (and even then, no guarantees...). Lisbon is no exception.

Popular knowledge dictates that the best way to visit a city is by using public transportation, and that's sensible enough. But Portugal is a relatively small country, so having a car available does have its advantages, and you'll be abl

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In 1975, German band Kraftwerk tried to capture the feel of driving on a motorway with the chorus Wir fahren, fahren, fahren auf der Autobahn ("We drive, drive, drive on the Autobahn"), often misheard as "Fun fun fun on the Autobahn." In fact, this nationally coordinated motorway system earned reputation for being one of the best places to drive in Europe and the ultimate pinnacle of the German driving experience, mostly because of its design and maintenance. 

There's no general speed limit, but

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Portugal: Understanding Road Tolls


There have recently been some changes to the way toll roads work in Portugal, with roads that were previously toll-free suddenly becoming paid. Travellers headed for Portugal will come across three different types of roads: national roads, highways and SCUTs.

National roads have no tolls and they're tolerably well-maintained, particularly stretches of road connecting main cities. They have the disadvantage of having lower speed limits than highways or SCUTs. Furthermore, they aren't as direct a r

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Keeping Children Entertained On The Road


Travelling with children can be a great experience for the whole family, but it can also be an exhausting experience for everyone involved. Children are more prone to boredom than adults (or at the very least are more vocal about it), so having a game plan to keep them entertained is of the utmost importance for the sanity of everyone in the car. Here are a few tips to keep your kids entertained in long car trips.

1. Embrace the 21st century - We live in the digital age. Finding a way to keep you

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800px-Lone_cypress_tree_Monterey_CA_photo_D_Ramey_Logan.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xDon Ramey Logan

Northern California offers some of the USA's loveliest road tripping, with scenic views, great beaches, beach towns and state parks as well as attractions such as the Monterey Aquarium and the Carmel Mission. One particularly appealing stretch is the 122 miles (196 kilometers) between San Francisco and the town of Carmel along coastal Highway 1. You can drive it in a little over two hours, but there's so much to see and do along here that you could easily spend a week stoppi

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