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After living in Australia more than 20 years, I can say that there are still aspect of Australian cuisine that I find worth exploring and learning about. What defines food of the country I now call home? Traditionally a lot of meat, but since the whole continent is surrounded by the sea/ocean there is an abundance of seafood. That is what I loved about Australia: fresh, healthy variety of the seafood platter. Add some original brands of wine and good beer and you have a recipe for success in eve

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Connecticut's Mohegan Sun Brewfest Debut


Autumn is harvest season and that means tons of festivals across the world marking the occasion. Food, wine, and of course beer are all fair game. I was extremely psyched to attend Mohegan Sun’s First Annual Brewfest and have my pick of sampling over 100 different brands. I quickly discovered that not only a ton of local breweries were spreading good cheer but some established giants offered up some obscure seasonal offerings as well. Here are some I’ll be hunting down and looking forward to tas

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