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This rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula, about an hour and a half south of Cape Town, is a popular spot for visitors to the Mother City, especially for its beautiful scenery and compelling wildlife (it´s also part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cape Floral Region). And here´s a look at the top attractions at the Cape of Good Hope, nearby False Bay, and on the peninsula in general:,_Simon%2

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For the ones searching for a completely unique and unforgettable excursion experience, consider celebrating Christmas surrounded via the untamed splendor of the South African wilderness. South African safaris offer a festive twist to the traditional holiday season, blending the magic of Christmas with the joys of encountering majestic wildlife. Here's how to make your Christmas within the wild an great and remarkable adventure.

1. Safari Lodge Celebrations

Many luxury safari lodges in South Afri

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Do you want to know which restaurants are the best at the V&A Waterfront? Among Cape Town's most visited spots, both by residents and visitors, is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.  The V&A Waterfront is the spot to go if you're in search of tasty restaurants with breathtaking views! Waterfront restaurants serve a variety of trendy cuisines, including seafood, Italian, Japanese, and South African.

Making a dining reservation at one of the many excellent restaurants in the area can be a daunti

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If your famiy is a bit adventurous, Africa is a trove of travel gold, from history and culture to sensational safaris and other forms of ecotourism. It's a way to have the time of your lives while creating memories and educating your kids in a vivid way that will stay with them for the rest of their own lives. And here's a quick look at seven of the top places that should be on your family-travel radar:

Botswana: Delta Force and Other Eco Marvels

This safari superstar is one of Africa

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9 of Cape Town's Most Photographable Spots



The "Mother City" is a photographer's dream, offering an seemingly endless supply of impressive landscapes and cityscapes making it the perfect place to practice and hone your photography skills, whether your're a beginner or a pro. And needless to say, Instagram ❤ Cape Town! Here are nine terrific examples.

The Bo-Kaap

Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre, this district also known as the Malay Quarter is one of the most colourful in Cape Town. It's also ste

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Marching to Pretoria, South Africa


Quick, what’s the capital of the Rainbow Nation?  It’s certainly understandable if you immediately thought Johannesburg. And if Cape Town came to mind, you’re partly right – it is, after all, the seat of parliament. But the country’s president and the rest of the executive branch and administration are based in a rather smaller city (pop. 742,000, metro area 2.9 million) just an hour north of Joburg.

Personally, I’d heard of Pretoria way before the other two, thanks to, of all thing

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