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Stargazing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Whether or not you can name the constellations or planets, it is always fascinating to look up at a clear night sky and get lost among the stars.

Anyone can enjoy stargazing. The best places to go, of course, are where the sky is wide open and very dark, with no distracting city lights. Up in the mountains, or in the desert, or out on the open ocean; it is breathtaking to stare upwards at night at millions and millions of twinkling stars and planets in a blue black sky.

Costa Rica is one of the

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Family ride at Arizona's White Stallion Guest Ranch

With over 80 years combined experience in the saddle, the Ranch Rider team has its hoof to the ground when it comes to the best riding holidays. So, where to hit the trail in 2018? From new cultural cowgirl getaways to award winning horseback safaris, the specialist has rounded up a list of the best equine escapes for the year ahead.

Tony Daly, managing director of Ranch Rider, comments, “2018’s “mane” attraction will be the Gem state. Idaho

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Stargazing in New England

In dedication to my new show about New England travel (Beyond the Beans).

My first blog will entail a very important event occurring this weekend.  Stargazing in New England is very tough. The amount of artificial light and pollution can make it quite difficult for viewing.  So if you're all about some stscargo1.jpg?width=160ar gazing and your live in New England, here are some of the best spots to check out some stars.

West Dennis, Cape Cod (Scargo Tower): Located on the Cape, the Scargo Tower offers a unique view ju

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