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Celebrating The Broadmoor's 100th Anniversary


How exactly do you celebrate the centennial of an iconic hotel built back in 1918 by real estate and gold mining baron Spencer Penrose who in his free time sped up hairpin turns in his “Yellow Devil” Pierce Arrow race car on a dirt road all the way to the summit of Pike's Peak's? You start with fireworks, champagne, special packages, and themed events scheduled throughout the year but fully immersing yourself in all The Broadmoor has to offer is perhaps the most commemorative of them all.


A villa

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Just 15 minutes from Colorado Springs Airport, one of the most convenient gateways to the Rocky Mountains was founded back in 1918 when real estate and gold mining baron Spencer Penrose opened The Broadmoor hotel to much fanfare. The location accommodated Penrose's dual goals of offering an otherworldly oasis in the Wild West and providing a launching point for more rugged leisure pursuits like speeding up hairpin turns on a dirt track to Pike's Peak in his Pierce Arrow Yellow Devil race car.



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5 Great Places For Camping and Hiking in Colorado


Colorado is home to a wide variety of scenery from desert to thick forests. With this variety there is something for everyone. During the summer you have the ability to choose from over 4,000 campgrounds! There are 44 state parks and one state forest. Plus you can be in the shadows of the Great Rocky Mountains that will give you a breathtaking view. So if you are into the outdoors, this is the place for you.

These are five of my favorite hiking trails and campgrounds.

Four Pass Loop

As the name sug

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Selling the “Polygamy Tour” in Arizona

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Selling the “Polygamy Tour” in Arizona

And why would we be surprised?

We have "Medical Tours" where travelers combine a few days in a luxury hotel and first class beaches in Thailand, while getting a hip replaced or heart by-pass surgery.

Then we saw “Fertility Tours” where women travel to Cyprus and beyond to sell their eggs for big bucks, and see the sights in the process.

And now, according to AOL Travel there’s a new four-hour tour into Colorado City, Arizona to lea
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