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12304959688?profile=RESIZE_930xMountain Lake Lodge, AKA Kellerman’s Resort: Where Dirty Dancing Comes to Life. Photo courtesy of Mountain Lake Lodge

Is there anyone who doesn’t know you don’t put Baby in a corner? Or who doesn’t automatically hum along to The Time of My Life? Imagine revisiting Dirty Dancing at its original locale – and visiting the site where Baby and Johnny practiced “the lift” – possibly the most famous dance routine ending ever? Welcome to Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia channeling the Catskills

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Get ready to explore best Sandals resorts ranked for honeymoons in 2023 to visit now. Sandals are an essential part of any honeymoon journey. Even though a Sandals vacation is a safe bet, you still want to pick the perfect spot for your honeymoon. We've discovered that what's excellent for one individual may be better for another.

In this article, we'll tell you which Sandals resort we think is best for a honeymoon and break it down so you can make an informed decision based on your interests.

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Marmaris is on the "Turquoise Coast," which is where the blue waves of the Aegean Sea meet the sandy shores of the town. There's a lot to do in this area, but in the summer, when it's hot, you'll probably just want to rest by the water.

That's great, but if you want to get the most out of your time in this beautiful part of Turkey, you should know about the best places to visit and things to do in Marmaris.

When is the Best Time to go to Marmaris?

Let's kick off this party. Let's talk about the

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12 of Florida's Best Resorts

10944588482?profile=RESIZE_930xBeachcomber Resort & Club

Attracting more than 120 million holidaymakers annually, the Sunshine State is famously home to many beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and is known for its bright sunshine, tall palm trees, crystal clear turquoise waters, expansive beaches, theme parks; and resorts. And here's our list of picks (obviously by no means exhaustive) of a dozen of the best resorts - from very affordable to very exclusive, and intimate to enormous - across

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“You want me to go where?” I shouted in my mind as I barreled down a harrowingly steep embankment leading into a wall of mud -- and gravel-encased woods. I was driving – or more accurately surviving – an ATV excursion at the Primland Resort in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. near the North Carolina border and an hour and a half south of the city of Roanoke.

On the hourlong ride, when I was willing to unclutch the steering wheel long enough to wave at an occasional wild turkey, pheasant, or d

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A republic of five volcanic islands 1,134 kilometers (705 miles) out in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, and with a population of 1.3 million, Mauritius is one of the most gorgeous places you can visit, and known especially for its ethnic as well as ecological diversity. Here's a quick rundown of its islands and what each has to offer:




Mauritius Island

This country's main and most populous island (top and above), home to its capital Port Louis (pop. 147,000) and international ai

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Why is Darjeeling so Popular among Tourists?


Nestling in the foothills of the Lesser Himalayas, Darjeeling is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. The fact that this hill station is jam-packed with tourists at any time of the year, determines the towering popularity of this hill station. Hence there is no surprise seeing this place regularly feature in the list of top tourist destinations in India. 

The enchanting Kanchenjunga Mountain Ranges are not the only thing in Darjeeling that allures millions of people from all over

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Best Way to Spend the Weekends in Kolkata


Floating on a yacht off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea or enjoying a detox spa in a private island in Maldives, is a fancy dream. But you don’t want your weekend enjoyment to rely on such fancy ambitions. This is why you need a tranquil moment lazing on a private space designed with a serene backdrop to fulfil your ambitions.

Although, West Bengal has some of the best holiday destinations such as Digha, Darjeeling, Bishnupur, and more, nothing offers more than the modern-day resorts near Kolk

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Kerala is the best place to enjoy the tranquil houseboat cruises.  You can't experience a backwater experience as in Kerala nowhere else in the world. One of the main factors making Kerala a top notch backwater destination is some of the incredible Kerala houseboat packages that are provided by some of the authorized and professional tour operators like IPR Backwaters, which let the travelers enjoy the backwaters of Kerala in an amazing way.


One of the best time to enjoy a Kerala trip, especially

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Nicknamed as The City of Joy, Kolkata, is regarded as India’s intellectual, artistic, and cultural capital. India’s third-largest city retains many examples of colonial-era architecture which is contrasting to the urban landscape around. If you are ready to experience the tang of this bong culture, the weekend resorts near Kolkata will serve respite. In all fairness, Kolkata is friendlier than the other metropolises, so, visiting the city and its nearby areas will leave you with memories that ar

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We welcome you to a beautiful hill station resort surrounded by the majestic Sahyadris, just a few hours' drive from Mumbai & Pune.

Recommended as one of the Best Wedding Resort Near Mumbai. The pleasant climate, the lush green scenic views spread over 8.5 acres with green landscaping.
Let’s plan a Wedding perfect to suit your swag.

With 63 spacious rooms, multiple indoor and outdoor venues to host all your wedding functions be it small or big, top level hospitality, luxurious amenities, multiple F

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Maldives is a beautiful destination known for its awe-inspiring beauty and scenic locales that leave visitors truly spellbound. When planning a vacation in the Maldives, you need to ensure timely bookings and reservations at some of the best resorts in Maldives. This will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay in this beautiful island country. There is no dearth of beautiful resorts in Maldives but before making reservation in any of them, it is important to consider a few factors and make the

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Maldives is the tiniest of all countries in Asia with 1190 coral islands that are low-lying and distributed into 26 atolls. Being one of the most geographically scattered archipelagos in the world and with almost 99% of the country comprising of water, this archipelago is one of the most attractive islands frequented by tourists from all over the world. The island country has more than 80 islands that house the best of Maldives resorts. Of the 1100 plus coral islands, 200 are inhabited and about

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What Planning Makes Resort Vacation Memorable?

9009453074?profile=originalSitting at home in this quarantine period, reminiscing about old vacations is one way to cheer up our mood. Being home for such an extended period of time is bound to take a toll on us mentally. Not being able to step out of the house, except for essentials, can cause severe cabin fever for many. Thus, the only way to cope with this lockdown is by planning your next vacation in your head.

There are many great resorts in Kolkata ideal for spending a relaxing weekend break with your family. After e

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Life during a pandemic situation is taking a toll on all of us. Being stuck at home for days on end, with nowhere to go outside, can be maddening for many. While this is of utmost importance in the current COVID-19 situation, one can’t help but daydream of days when all this will be over. To make through this bleak period, it's important that we have something good to look forward to. So here's a list of top weekend resorts near Kolkata where you can go for your first weekend trip once this lock

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The Best of Stowe, Vermont at Topnotch Resort


Northern Vermont's Stowe region embodies what comes to mind when envisioning a quintessential Green Mountain getaway. Beyond its renown as “ski capital of the east" surrounded by wide open meadows and working farms nestled among rolling mountains that rise up in every direction, this region is the epicenter of VT craft-food producers ranging from household names like Cabot and Ben & Jerry's to local favorites like Cold Hollow Cider Mill and Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea. Can't miss eateries like

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India has some really beautiful coastlines. Our country is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the west, the Bay of Bengal on the east, and the Indian Ocean on the south. We have a vast and extensive coastline starting from Gujarat to Kerala and Tamil Nadu to West Bengal. There is no dearth of option when it comes to picking a spot for beach lovers.

While Goa is the more popular choice for all sea and sand lovers, the spectacular beaches of Kerala can certainly be considered a close second. There ar

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I once read a quote that "time wasted at the beach is time well spent." Tranquil and serene, beaches have that magic, that makes you forget the outside world, and time spent here is the time he/she gives to him/herself, sitting for hours gazing at the azure tides and listening to the rhythm of water. At the same time, some can also offer adventurous water sports, to get your adrenaline flowing. And Vietnam and Cambodia offer all of the above, along with some fabulous luxury resorts at which

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Have you ever longed to go for a small cruise in a classic village boat which will take you to extreme emerald green picturesque space? You can make your wish fulfilled by visiting the beautiful Munroe islands located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River in Kollam district. Kerala has always astonished us with its never ending beauty of backwaters. The most preferred tourist activity in backwaters is a boathouse cruise taking through the outskirts of backwater villages and lush

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