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Whatever hobby, pursuit or pastime you enjoy, it’s possible there’s a voyage that will let you combine it with the pleasures of cruising. From food to fashion, music to mystery, the offerings are as varied as the destinations which are included on ship itineraries.

An Internet search for cruises that interest you may turn up one or more alternatives. While cruise lines are gradually beginning to return to normal services, it’s necessary to check what sailings are being offered, and

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Great American Quilting Destinations


The resurgence of quilting and growth in quilt museums over the last five decades is due in part to the 1970s back-to-basic movement of the hippie generation that favored natural fabrics fueled by the spirit of the past rekindled by the enthusiasm of the US Bicentennial. Some see resurgence of quilting as a reaction to the high tech world. Quilts can be a window into the past and also move social issues forward such as the AIDS quilt project. Whatever your interests, there are quilt connections

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Things to Take on an Ice Diving Trip

I believe that most of us should have some hobbies that we can utilize to escape the true world. A few are straightforward, like sewing, and others tend to be more adventurous. My favorite thing
to accomplish is go ice diving. This isn’t an easy thing to try and do -
but it can be rather fun. Obviously you just have to find the correct
supplies that will allow it to come about.

Dry Suit

The dry suit might be one of the most vital things that you need when beneath the water. It is created to stretch o

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