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Sweet Summertime in Stockholm

12025781098?profile=RESIZE_930xBenoit Derrier

Even more than many destinations, Scandinavia blossoms in summer, its warm, lively days stretching into long, luminous evenings. And at the centre of its lovely archipelago, nowhere more so that Sweden's capital. A mix of traditional and modern, stately and avant garde, its streets and squares come alive as Stockholmers enthusiastically grasp with both hands their chance to enjoy the relatively brief Scandinavian summer - and take advantage of the long summer " white nights", when

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It’s baaaack! The 67th edition of the world’s largest, longest, and perhaps most anticipated/beloved music competition, pulling in a worldwide television audience of some 160 million and inspiring tens of thousands of fans to travel

On a personal note, although I haven't yet attended the Eurovision song contest in person, ever since I started traveling more extensively to Europe in 1977 – well before American Idol, The Voice, or The X Factor – it's always been a big deal for mor

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10951604873?profile=RESIZE_930xCharalambos Andronos/Timişoara 2023/Janos Illesi

Annually since 1985, the cultural poobahs of the European Union have designated one or more of the continent's cities (and as of last year it's been three), as Capitals of Culture, focusing on their own cultural offerings and allowing them to organize a series of wider cultural events (many with a strong pan-European dimension) - which bring in considerable additional revenue; foster urban renewal; and raise their international profiles and image

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"Nepal" interests the world. This single word demonstrates the adoration and warmth around the world. We should expound; the social decent variety of Nepal is as rich as its characteristic and land assorted variety. Troublesome geology is home of various networks. Every people group has its own dialect, social dress, convictions, customs, conventions and celebrations.

No big surprise Nepal is the place where there are celebrations. Relatively consistently is multi-day for festivity in some networ

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9009058880?profile=originalI admit I am not much of a critic. I know what I like, and honestly I like just about everything, so don’t expect your standard, everyday review of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Twelfth Night.

I further admit that for me Shakespeare has too often just been words on a page – a cognitive exercise in appreciation of the work of one of the world’s great writers of the English language. In reading the words on a page I can appreciate both the talent it took to write them and the heart of the mat

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We selected Spoleto as our base camp for the exploration of the Umbria region because of its central location, short drive from Rome, and easy access to surrounding major cities such as Perugia, Orvieto, and Assisi. But as we discovered during our one week stay that there is a lot more to Spoleto than its famous summertime festival (late June to mid-July).

Spoleto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has an exceptional collection of museums ranging from early first century archaeological displa

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With Puerto Rico's communities wiped out, hotels battered, and power grid devastated, Hurricane Maria's landfall on September 2017 was the worst storm ever on record for the island. Included in this destruction from which many are still recovering are small farms producing coffee, plantains, livestock, and other fresh fruits & vegetables. Even 100 days after the storm, half the island was still without power and many lacked access to potable drinking water.


There was serious discussion about whet

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Some Tips for Visiting Singapore


Singapore is a multi-ethnic metropolis-with the Chinese musical show, Feng Shui in addition to chopsticks existing congruously close by saris and Hindu temples - a mixture of cultures that is also Asia's wealthiest state. You can get lots of information and plan a trip with our Singapore trip planner.


A city-state some 137 kilometers (85 miles) north of the Equator, Singapore is comprised of one major island and 59 smaller ones. Singapore lies at the focal point of a major ocean track i

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In Spain as in much of Europe, church attendance may have waned of late and society modernized in many of its attitudes, but culturally it's still one of Europe’s most Catholic countries — perhaps never more so than during Easter week, a bigger deal here since the Middle Ages than in almost any other place in the world…   If you’re lucky enough to witness Semana Santa (Holy Week), as Spaniards call this time of year, you will find that many people take the entire week off as a holiday, and man

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When to visit Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a Californian city located in the United States of America. This place is full of educational institutions acting as an incentive to fields of fashion, media, business, art, technology, science and many others. It is a highly populated city of career oriented people always ready to live life to its full extent. Thereby, it is also known as the City of Angels. This city tries to find a constant balance between precipitation and sunshine and that is why, it has a Mediterranean clima

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8 Must-Do Events in Sydney This Season


Another of the reasons I love living in Sydney is that there are events here all year round, many of them free to attend. If you are visiting the city this spring, there are some events on the calendar that you just can’t miss. You will have a fantastic time if you schedule your trip around one of these, though make sure you book your tickets in advance so you can definitely get a place!


Let’s start off with a new festival which I love. Antidote is all about art and social change and tak

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Add On Africa For A WAP Year That Wows!

9009192088?profile=originalAssisting the local community & helping to paint schools in Uganda

Here’s why Africa will fit perfectly into your WAP (Work & Play) year: the new gapper seeking to enhance their CV, earn some hard cash, AND travel. Yes, that single minded, spiritual quest to find yourself is so last year, which means, if you want your year off to pay off, you’ll have to choose how and where you spend your time more wisely. 

While gapping is still arguably more fashionable in the UK, Malia Obama has popularised the

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Central Japan's Takayama Matsuri Festival



We arrived before 10 am, and our VIP group was hastily ushered to seats arranged right in front of one of the main yatai – a festival float on wheels, presented before Sakurayama Hachiman shrine, the main protector of the city since it’s enlargement in 1683.

The elaborately decorated float was removed from the Yatai Kaikan (Festival Float Museum), just for this special occasion – The Takayama Matsuri (Takayama Festival) that takes place twice a year – October 9-10 and April 14-15 in the old ci

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Humpback whale in ballena marine national park

The Festival of Whales & Dolphins is once again making a splash at Uvita Beach in Southern Costa Rica at the beginning of September.

Whale-Humpback-Whale-in-Costa-Rica-300x225.jpg?width=300You definitely don’t want to miss the 6th annual festival marking the peak of the annual migration of Pacific Humpback Whales to the Ballena National Marine Park in Costa Rica. This year’s 2014 Festival of Whales & Dolphins will be held over the two weekends of Sept. 5-7 and Sept. 12-14.

Festival activities will include whale-watching tours, a beach run, mountain

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For the Thai, an ethnic group living mainly on wet rice cultivation, the new rice festival is one of the biggest ceremonies in the year. Held in lunar August after harvesting time, the rite, called Worship, marks the end of a production cycle and prays ancestors’ blessing a bumper crop. 

Worship, which is held for a day within a clan, is a chance for a family line to offer new rice to gods and its ancestors, expressing their gratitude to them, praying for their support for good health, peace and
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8 of New Orleans' Best Festivals

For a fun and authentic New Orleans experience, all you have to do is attending a local festival. And in the home of Mardi Gras, you don’t have to try too hard to do that. Festival season is a year-round in the festival capital of the world, celebrating everything from NOLA’s best eats to music and culture.

So here are eight other New Orleans’s festivals worth making the trip down south for.


Sing Along at a Music Festival


The birthplace of jazz knows how to produce award-winning musicians and k

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People go to Majorca in the summer in search of beautiful beaches and great weather, but if you are also looking for fiestas and local culture, summer is the perfect time to visit as there are all kinds of fiestas and events taking place on this beautiful and lively island!  Many towns and villages have their own particular fiestas and open-air dances, not to mention music festivals where national groups and reputed international artists come to play.

In Majorca, summer kicks off on the eve of Sa

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The 4th Annual New York Travel Festival is coming to Brooklyn this month! This unique festival features an assortment of events and activities focusing on current travel trends, unique destinations, technologies, industry strategies, and more. In addition to two full days of speaking events, workshops, discussions and presentations on April 16 and 17, events will also be held on April 14-15, featuring local Brooklyn travel businesses and presentations by Brooklyn’s Borough President. The NY Trav

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The lands which were to become the United States and Canada were largely settled by the English, but not everyone is aware that the continental USA’s oldest continuously occupied city, St. Augustine in northeast Florida, was founded by explorers from Spain 450 years ago this month. And in returning to attend the big birthday bash it's been throwing for itself (above), I was smitten once again with what is one of this country's most fascinating historic visits (with great St. Augustine beaches 

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June in Portugal

Now is the best time to start planning a quick getaway in sunny Portugal. June is already the beginning of the high season, but still not plagued with the crowds of July and August, making it the perfect time for an escapade in southern lands. And least you should think that there's nothing more to be found in this lovely country other than beautiful beaches, let me prove you wrong. June is a time of celebration in Portugal and many cities and towns hold their annual festivals around this time.


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