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Giraffe drinking at Namibia's Etosha National Park (c) Bruce Sai Louie

Acacia Africa operates a variety of tours across Southern and East Africa including multi-country camping and accommodated overland tours, small group safaris, city and beach stays and short safaris and treks.

A leading adventure travel specialist with over 100 tours on its website, Acacia is the go-to operator If you’re planning to book a bite-size seven-day journey to see the Big Five or if you’re looking to take a longer one

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Add On Africa For A WAP Year That Wows!

9009192088?profile=originalAssisting the local community & helping to paint schools in Uganda

Here’s why Africa will fit perfectly into your WAP (Work & Play) year: the new gapper seeking to enhance their CV, earn some hard cash, AND travel. Yes, that single minded, spiritual quest to find yourself is so last year, which means, if you want your year off to pay off, you’ll have to choose how and where you spend your time more wisely. 

While gapping is still arguably more fashionable in the UK, Malia Obama has popularised the

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T-Minus 51 Days

January 26th 2009, 03:01

Perhaps unusually, I’m beginning my travelogue from my desk at home. Having told everyone our plans for the next year (top three comments so far: “That’s going to test the friendship”; “Don’t get pregnant”; “What if I die?” Thanks for that, Mum), and after all the calls made and emails sent to travel agents, and having attended nearly all of Alex’s leaving dos, as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already started. We’ve even come up with a departure date: 1st February. 


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How to Take a Gap Year

Taking a 'gap-year' is an experience that everybody can do and it doesn't mean being irresponsible.

I took two gap-years during my career in human resources (the first at 28, the second at 31), moreover having to face the Italian culture where the topic of the 'sabbatical' is still seen as an 'holiday'.

We often create some excuses to ourselves. Let’s start with the first three:

1. “Where can I find the money?”

Let’s try to have a realistic look at the money we really need to travel the world ‘on th

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