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Visa vs. Passport - Key Differences

As we all know visiting foreign countries is such a wonderful experience. It also requires an understanding of the complex information about travel papers or documents. Passports and visas are two of the most important travel documents. Despite their clear similarity, they have different functions when it comes to enabling travel abroad. To assist you in understanding the world of travel documents, today we discuss the differences between a visa and a passport in this article. Let’s start with t

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A flight to the Maldives can take from several hours to a day. Travel time and cost depends on where you are going to the islands from. The hassle of flights and transfers is compensated by the ease of obtaining a visa and a 100% paradise vacation that awaits you ahead. Trips to the Maldives are organized by many operators and agencies, but we turned to a company that has been on the market for exotic islands for more than 8 years - On this site you will find answers to all questions

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Iran Plan to lift Visa Restrictions for Tourists

We’ve got GREAT news! Iran is open, ready to welcome you to the legendary Persia. Iran agrees to reopen its borders  and issues Iran Visa to international travelers from October 23, 2021.


Iran’s new tourism chief said the government will soon scrap Iran visa restrictions, a plan that the struggling tourism sector has been desperately waiting for to get back on its feet amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The spring of tourism [is coming], wrote the government-run Iran newspaper on Sept. 21, covering a

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Important Things to Know About Iran Visas

Important things to know about Iran visa

Important things to know about Iran visa

If you desired to travel to Iran and you are obsessing with Iran Visa, Iran visa on arrival experience would be a good recommendation for you. Also in below we give you some useful information in detail about Iran Visa and different types of it for applying.

In general, Iran issues 13 visa types for foreign citizens:

  1. Visa for research teams or athletes who intend to enter Iran twice or more.
  2. Visa for foreign tourists who intend to visit Iran’s tourist attract
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Pursuant to the Law No. 47/2014/QH13 on entry, exit, transit visa, and residence of foreigners in VietNam, which takes effect on 1st Jan 2015, regulations on transit passengers through Vietnam is stipulated as below:

Vietnam transit visa requirements

1. Requirements for travelers to transit through Viet Nam

Only obtain following documents, will the travelers be granted for a transit visa through Vietnam. Compulsory documents include: a passport which is valid above 6 months, a ticket which specifies the third destined country, a v

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We recommend that you choose Vietnam visa on arrival 2018, as picking up Vietnam visa at the airport is quite simple, easy, no additional charges and no fail... 

How easy to get 6 months or 1 year visa on arrival to Vietnam in 2018?

Four years ago, it’s almost impossible for first-time travelers to apply for long term visa like 6 months or 1 year visa to stay in Vietnam. The maximum visa duration they can obtain is 3 months only. For those who wish to stay longer need visa extension and are often

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Obtaining a Russian visa can take some time, and even a lot of money. However, if your plan is to visit Russia, you will want to obtain as much Russian visa support as possible. Although the Russian government does not issue visas directly to tourists, there are many resources available for doing so. These resources can be used to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Russian immigration authorities do not issue Russian visas directly to tourists. Instead, they issue a visa number to

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Quebec held the biggest draw of the year on September 24th, inviting 365 candidates for permanent residence selection.

This draw was concluded through an EOI system on Arrima portal. Arrima portal manages applications for Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Programs.

Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Integration invited people based on the specific criteria.

The first group of people needed a valid employment offer in the province to be eligible for the invitation.

The second group of people we

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What is the Indian e Visa Fee and Processing Time?


India has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world in recent years because of the changes made to the visa policies by the Indian government. Now, you will see some relaxation in the visa rules for India. 

If you are looking for e- tourist visa India, you must know about the rules and regulations. Today, we are going to talk about the processing time and visa fee. 

Let’s get started. 

But first, we need to talk about the visa duration for the tourists because both of these things

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Either for business or any other purpose, America is regarded as one of the best places for traveling. Which can be done in two ways. Either by obtaining  a B-1 visa for business purpose or B-2 visa for vacation purpose or avail yourself with the authorization form VWP i.e.; Visa Waiver Program.

Under the Visa Waiver Program, almost 38 countries allowed to travel in the U.S and that too for ninety days. But the authorization from VWP is given only to B-1 AND B-2 visa holders. Students and people

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Are you giving many thoughts on travelling to Thailand? Brush up your knowledge about the country and its cities before you set for this thrilling journey! 


Did you know that the mangoes of Thailand are the best, or they have 4 meals in a day, or touching someone on head in the country is offensive, or the biggest Chinatown is located here?  Thailand is the happiest country with beautiful landscapes, magnificent shrines and lip-smacking cuisine. The locals are friendly and greet you with smiles.

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5 Amazing Hiking Routes in the USA

Are you a lover of the outdoors? The adrenaline-hungry athletic type who longs to enjoy the expansive views, looming trees, glacier treks, and impressive geology that is the gift of nature? Then you will love this list of some of the best hiking sites in the United States. While there is no universal agreement as to which exactly are the best hiking sites, this listed post should break the ice…get it? It is worth traveling for.


1.       West Maroon Creek Trail

Location: Colorado

In a state filled w

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EMC - Best overseas education consultants & migration agents in melbourne specializing in study in Australia, Immigration & Visa services, RTO auditing & consulting.

Education Management Corporation of Australia (EMC AUSTRALIA) was established in 2015 and commenced facilitating services to international students who wished to come to Study in Australia. Education Management Consultancy was one of the 1st business under Education Management Corporation of Australia. Since then, the org

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Planning a trip to India to explore Indian culture, historic monuments, and delicacies? It requires the possession of an Indian tourist visa along with a national passport to enter the country and enjoy the tour. A number of changes have been made in the visa regime as offered by the government of India in 2017 and made it easy for foreigners around the world to apply for an Indian visa except tourists from Bhutan and Nepal under the bilateral agreements who do not need a visa at all. Whereas to

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Indian Visa: A Guide for Business Tours


Business is one of the common reasons to visit another country, which is why a simple and fast solution is introduced to obtain a business visa. Instead of going to the Indian embassy a straightforward process has been introduced all you now need to be access the web page and follow these easy steps. All the documents that are required for online application are the same as you were asked at the embassy, that is a valid passport, a scan of the information page of the passport, a recent digital p

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If you are suppressing your idea of a trip to India due to the long process required to make the traditional visa, you no longer need to suppress that idea anymore.

With the passage of time and the internet becoming easily accessible, numerous countries now provide the facility of an electronic visa. It enables tourist or travelers to enter a country and stay in the country for a short period of time (for longer stays, they need to apply for a traditional visa).

In the e-visa application, all the

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Expired Vietnam visa? What should you do?

Foreigners must pay for penalty amount applied for overstay Vietnam visa if the visa holders do not exit Vietnam or extend the visa by its validity. Hereby, we would like to..

Pursuant to Vietnam Immigration Regulation, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam legally are required to obtain a valid Vietnam Visa. However, not everyone pay well attention to the visa validity. Consequently, foreigners must pay for penalty amount applied for overstaying case if the visa holders do not exit Vietnam or ext

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Do you need to be processed your Vietnam visa immediately? Get Vietnam visa approval letter within 5 minutes to 4 working hours or even on Vietnam holiday, non-working time.

Vietnam Visa Express Service

If you have a Vietnam visa application needs to be processed immediately, you could benefit from using our same day Express Vietnam visa on arrival service. The benefit of the service is giving you peace of mind that your case is being deal with by our experts. If you would like us to apply for eme

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Hanoi, Vietnam, 1st July 2013.

Instant Vietnam Visa has launched the new website for customer to apply a Vietnam Visa On Arrival.

There are 2 program to get a discount from this site currently. People can get 5% of discount when register as Instant Vietnam Visa's member ( IVV member) for the 1st order, 10% from the 5th orders.

There are 30 free visa per month for customer that randomly chosen by system.

The apply system is very easy to use and friendly. 

Visa fee starts from $10 for 01 month single e

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