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The United States is one of the highly visited places and attracts millions of visitors every year. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy your family getaway, a place to run your business or go to school, the USA has a chance for everyone. If you are planning to visit the USA, however, there are things that you should have in your checklist. Let's have a look at some of the things that you should have before traveling to the USA.

Visa and ESTA

Be sure to check if you have a Visa o

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Either for business or any other purpose, America is regarded as one of the best places for traveling. Which can be done in two ways. Either by obtaining  a B-1 visa for business purpose or B-2 visa for vacation purpose or avail yourself with the authorization form VWP i.e.; Visa Waiver Program.

Under the Visa Waiver Program, almost 38 countries allowed to travel in the U.S and that too for ninety days. But the authorization from VWP is given only to B-1 AND B-2 visa holders. Students and people

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