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A goal that is precisely magnificent. Live the past and reproduce the future in the most customary manner conceivable. Granules of sand that spread the whole state, water bodies that discover their way in the most remote spots shaping desert spring and cheerful vibe of local people just as the occasions that happen from time to time. Welcome to Rajasthan!

Imperial royal residences in Rajasthan

At first occupied by the rulers who ruled Rajasthan and their ultra enormous families, these royal reside

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Riding holiday specialist Ranch Rider has been selling horseback safaris in Southern Africa for six years, the tour operator covering Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and offering stays at luxury lodges, static and mobile tented wilderness camps and cattle farms. But, where should you head for the best autumn or wintersun deal? Tony Daly, managing director of Ranch Rider, comments, “The South African rand has been losing ground against the strong British pound all year, and that means horseba
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Vacations in Winter

Those looking for unusual destinations for the winter, climb volcanoes, explore deserted beaches or enjoy the holiday all the romance of winter.Christmas Holidays in winter is highly popular. When the days get shorter and the gray day, it attracts many in southern climes. In addition to popular destinations like the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, there are a number of other countries that are particularly in the winter months a visit. These do not always lie at the equator.

Holiday in the Ca

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It’s not often that a once-in-a-lifetime deal comes around twice-in-a-lifetime. But that’s exactly what happened this week, when Friendly Planet Travel, one of the Internet’s leading group travel providers, responded to popular demand by bringing back its ultra-low-cost Taste of China vacation deal for a second time. The package, starting at just $999, visits three of China’s most dynamic and culturally awe-inspiring cities: Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. The trip includes round-trip airfare and
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