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Christmas in Costa Rica is for the birds!

Trogon-at-Veragua-Rainforest-photo-by-Daniel-Torres-203x300.jpg?width=203Christmas is a special time of year for birders. Equipped with binoculars, bird guides and checklists, avid birders throughout the Americas brave snow, wind, rain, or maybe even tropical sun, to take part in the Christmas Bird Count. The longest running “Citizen Science survey” in the world, the annual Christmas Bird Count provides critical data on bird population trends. The National Audubon Society of the USA and other organizations use data collected in this wildlife census to assess the heal

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In the case of butterflies, it pays to look like your neighbor.

New information about long-winged butterflies in Costa Rica is showing how the importance of “mimicry” and theTwo-species-of-Heliconius-butterflies-image-by-Marcus-Kronforst-University-of-Chicago-300x225.jpg?width=300 butterflies’ natural promiscuity has led to interbreeding and the creation of new species that look very much alike, according to a study led by University of Chicago evolutionary biologist, Marcus R. Kronforst.

“In evolutionary biology, mimicry is the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both.This simil

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Paracas and Ica: Jewels of desert


Paracas and Ica are situated in the department of Ica, just 303 km south of Lima (capital of Peru) and 4 hours by bus. Because of its location on the coast, its territories are basically composed of deserts. However, the privilege of having the Pacific Ocean bathes its shores, allows, specifically Paracas, to have beautiful beaches with blue and turquoise waters. Deserts, beaches, vineyards and stories of witches is what awaits you if you dare to visit.

Here I present the tour that placeOK recomm

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