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9008734670?profile=originalAccording to the travel insurance companies, you shouldn’t leave home without travel insurance.

And according to Dear Abby, you shouldn’t leave home without travel insurance.

The popular columnist known as Abigail Van Buren (real name Jeanne Phillips) took over from her mother, Paula Phillips, who started the widely-read column. 

In this case, "Abby" was advising a man whose wife had booked a surprise trip for the two of them. When he wrote in expressing anxiety about travel and some of his healt

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It’s no secret that travel today is more challenging than ever. In fact, as events like the flight delays, cancellations, and pilot contract disputes currently overwhelming American Airlines increase, so too do the odds that your own travels will be impacted in some fashion.  The solution: protect your trips with travel insurance. 

Travel insurance covers many things that are not covered by credit cards, homeowner policies, and healthcare plans.  Here are ten clear-cut reasons consumers can’t aff

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Americans embrace travel insurance as a hedge against Olympic hassles


The 2012 Summer Olympics have provided a welcome boost for airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers that will benefit from an expected jump of more than 30 percent in the number of global travelers going to London compared to the same period in 2011.  Now it appears that travel insurance providers are among those experiencing a strong uptick in sales. Richmond, VA-based Allianz Global Assistance USA, the country’s leading p

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