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What might be the most surprising thing to travelers concerning Havana is how well-rounded the city is. The art lovers will be delighted by the extensive collection of Cuban artwork on in the Museum of Fine Arts. People who love history will likely be in awe of the artifacts displayed at the Museo de la Revolucion while readers will be giddy when they see Finca Vigia, Hemingway's former residence. To really experience Havana's charm, take a stroll through the lively streets (streets) that make u

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In Cuba, Go West, to Pinar del Río & Viñales


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For visitors to Havana, one of the most popular day and overnights trips besides colonial wonder Trinidad is a visit to the far west of Cuba, the mostly rural province of Pinar del Río (whose locals, by the way, have over the years endured much teasing by other Cubans as guajiros – "country-bumpkin" peasants – though at least these days inaccurately, as far as I’ve been able to tell).  It’s home to not only the eponymous city – which makes for a charming visit in its own right – b

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The Best Fun In Cuba

he so-called Pearl of the Antilles and the largest island in the entire Caribbean Sea, Cuba can seem a world apart from the refined paradisaical holidaying spots that surround it.

For one, its history is still very much alive.

Revolutions and communism are still fresh on the mind, and the museums showcase weapons that helped overthrow the government only decades ago.The hills are still marked by the footprints of men like Che Guevara and Castro, while sugar plantations belie the colonial boom and

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10 Beach-Holiday Destinations with the 'X Factor'



That mid-winter beach holiday is important for many people. In the midst of grey clouds, cold temperatures and the daily grind, an escape to warm sun and fun sounds very appealing. So, book yourself in for a mid-winter break at one of these amazing destinations that offer more than just a beach.


An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

This stretch of beach (top) is endangered, as it is being progressively eaten away by the sea. However, it has small villas dotted along the beach with umbrellas and

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If you find should yourself spending New Year’s Eve in a Spanish-speaking country, you may notice that the locals have an interesting tradition of their own for this special night. As the big moment nears, participants will suspend clusters of grapes over their mouths (or have a loose handful of them) and eat one with each clock strike of midnight. These are “las doce uvas de la suerte” (the twelve grapes of fortune), which of course is what everyone wishes themselves and others f

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