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Last week I had the opportunity to visit a production plant and Domino's headquarters in Ann Arbor Michigan. Before taking the trip, I was in the “over 10 year club”. I didn't have a slice of Domino's or even contemplate it for at least that long. I was skeptical that pizza dependent on an efficient supply chain could actually stand a chance against locally based ethnic parlors. My recollections alone dampened my enthusiasm for giving Domino's another chance. But with the promise of making our

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Making Biber in Switzerland's Appenzell

We spent the first 2.5 days here in Switzerland exploring Appenzellerland close to the country's eastern border with Germany. The efficient and comfy train whisked us to Weissbad, a village surrounded by steep green pastures rising in every direction with majestic mountain ranges in the distance. Appenzell, the next town over, was filled with one-of-a-kind local craftspeople and artisan foods made uninterrupted for generations. Small shops, usually the sole province of fairy tales, are still ali
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An Anniversary in the Seychelles on the beach....Chalets d' Anse Forbans Creole Style Gazebo is not only for making Dream Island Weddings come true but also for Special Occasions. This past month the Beach Gazebo was used by some of our visiting clients from Germany to celebrate their 5th Wedding Anniversary. Each year Christian and Heike aim to do some totally different for their anniversary and this year decided on the Seychelles Island and Chalets d' Anse Forbans. We were extremely delighted
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Coconut Shrimp from Grenada, The Spice Isle

by Tripatini staff

caribbean shrimp, maca bana, aquarium, grenadaHere's why Grenada, aka the Spice Island, is the Caribbean isle of your dreams: Locals offer visitors a warm welcome, food is sourced locally instead of being crated in from other continents, and lovely beaches are dotted with little hideaways rather than highrise hotels. One of the nicest small resorts is Maca Bana, a boutique hotel with seven romantic villas on a hill overlooking the beach and sea. And it's not just a great place to stay: It's a wonderful place to eat.

Maca Ba
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Once again, I am on the road and looking for interesting things to do while participating in wine tasting (good activity) and less enjoyable shopping. I am in a sort of time warp of suburban Seattle across Lake Washington. This is Woodinville, next to Redmond where Microsoft lives. Back in the 80’s I lived around here. What a change, but life marches on and I just try to keep up these days.

Woodinville is getting big into wine tasting at traditional wineries and tasting rooms. The tasting rooms a

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Fruit Wine Selection at Russell Orchards

If you’re headed up Argilla Road north of downtown Ispwich, you’ll get the distinct feeling that you’re heading into more remote surroundings of rolling farm fields, and wooded glens. One pastoral gem that you simply can’t miss is Russell Orchards. Only about 5 minutes from Crane Beach, you’ll see a wood shaked barn to your right and once inside, it’s apparent that this is the real deal…not some knock off built within the last decade to look like an antiqu

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A few weeks ago I was reminded why I started and why I continue working hard to write fresh content. After all, isn’t my tagline simple enough?: “A Better Understanding of Food Through Travel” Well probably not. First of all, here’s what I’m not. I’m not a food critic, columnist, celebrity chef, or culinary expert in any way. What I am is a writer who is extremely interested in learning about the ever evolving way we interact with food and how it makes different cultures uniq
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Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand

Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand

I had the great fortune of joining other bloggers on a sponsored trip to Cancun’s Caribe Park Royal Grand right on the wide open powder white beach overlooking turquoise Caribbean surf. This all inclusive is the primo retreat for a fun-in-the sun holiday.

The perfection starts with their two lavish pools. One is an activities oriented DJ-hosted pool with a walkup bar where efficient tenders gregariously churn out the margaritas and rum and cokes. Poolside bingo, chic

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Growing up in Hawaii you develop an appreciation for cross cultural mingling, especially in cuisine. Kurt Winner, my husband a native New York to Hawaii transplant
and an avid chef, developed this favorite family recipe years ago. You
can use it to create kabobs along with fat quarters of red,green and
yellow bell peppers and onions or as a simple marinade for grilled
chicken. He favors it served Buffalo New York style with an Oregon
twist; alongside some Oregon Rogue bleu cheese dip and crudites.


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Coveting the Cuisine of Chile

12378082097?profile=RESIZE_930xPablo Rogat

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Some Top Attractions of Singapore


Singapore (nicknamed "the Lion City") is Asia’s favorite holiday destination. Polished and pampered, for the visitor, it packs quite a punch in a small package. Full of character and surprisingly accommodating, this city is alive throughout the night and bustling all through the day. First time in here? A great two-day Singapore itinerary includes exciting top attractions, shopping districts, and modern marvels, as well as the leisurely, tropical side of this unique city-state.




Food and

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Getting the Inside Scoop on Foodie Milwaukee



How do you find out about all the hidden neighborhoods and history of a city? Three of us writers had a short time in the city of Milwaukee and wanted to savor as much as we could of the ethnic neighborhoods, architecture, and history.  We contacted Theresa Nemetz of Milwaukee Food and City Tours, who offered us a flavor of what one of their many tours showcased of the city.


Since our time was so limited, she suggested a brief tour of Brady Street, one of the oldest neighborhoods, original

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