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Getting the Inside Scoop on Foodie Milwaukee



How do you find out about all the hidden neighborhoods and history of a city? Three of us writers had a short time in the city of Milwaukee and wanted to savor as much as we could of the ethnic neighborhoods, architecture, and history.  We contacted Theresa Nemetz of Milwaukee Food and City Tours, who offered us a flavor of what one of their many tours showcased of the city.


Since our time was so limited, she suggested a brief tour of Brady Street, one of the oldest neighborhoods, original

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Indiana's Turkey Run State Park




The USA's national parks are indeed a treasure. But we may not always be within a short drive of one. State parks, on the other hand, are more plentiful, often found within shorter distances and can provide a satisfying alternative for a decent "nature fix." A recent invitation to join a group of friends for a weekend at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana was just the ticket.

As many state parks do, Turkey Run offers a variety of lodging options  - in this case, an inn, cabins, and

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